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My husband really hasn't ever been good with gifts. I love the man more than anything, but he is not good with holidays. I think I've finally realized that it's just simply due to the fact that gifts don't rank high on any of his love languages, and so sometimes it just doesn't cross his mind. When it comes to birthdays, he would much rather have a bunch of people over for a BBQ than to actually receive a present. I don't mind having people over for a BBQ, and I don't need a big gift, but for me, I feel loved when someone has thought about me even when I'm not there... as much as I wish that I could tell you that gifts or recognition of holidays aren't important to me, they are. So there have been a few arguments in this house over mother's days and birthdays where Justin either did absolutely nothing to acknowledge the day, or got me something that he knew I probably wouldn't like because he had waited until the last minute and just grabbed whatever was left...which is how one year I ended up with a "Happy Valentines Day to My Husband" card.

So, I wasn't expecting much for our anniversary yesterday. Justin's softball team had their second to last game. He had missed the first four games of the season, and I knew he didn't want to miss that game. So, I just asked that he find someone to babysit Lizzy so that I could at least come to the game too, and my sister-in-law Kelsey agreed since she lives just down the road from us. Earlier this week, Justin was told that he'd have to work all day Thursday AND Thursday night. This inevitably happens. Literally, any time we've made plans for a date in the recent past, Justin has had to work late/overnight/go out of town.

Anyway, Justin called me yesterday morning and told me that he did not have to work overnight anymore, and that Kels was coming over a little early so we could also grab a quick bite to eat--he said that while we were only going to someplace fast like Taco Bell, but that he wanted to at least be semi-presentable, and asked me to set out some clothes for him. I was thrilled just to be able to get to do dinner with him, regardless of where we were going.

He got off work, and we headed out. I quickly deduced that we weren't going to Taco Bell. We ended up at Callahan's Lodge.

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Blown away does not sufficiently describe my reaction.


We were seated, and Justin told me that Stump (our brother in law, who is also named Justin) and Kelsey had given us a gift card to Callahan's for our anniversary, and had helped Justin conspire to get us there. Justin also told me that he had called and said that he wouldn't make it to his softball game that night.

::Swoon:: I about cried right then and there. It just felt nice to be picked first, you know?


I told Justin that this all meant a lot to me, but that if we were done with dinner in time, I had absolutely no problem with going to the softball game. After all, we still have another date night/movie night on the books that was originally our joint anniversary/Justin's birthday fun. I think Justin was pretty thrilled about that...and even after being forgotten about several times at the restaurant (the hostess actually ended up being our waitress because she could not seem to get a waitress over at our table. This happens to us a lot at places like Callahan's--I think they assume that we're young, and won't tip as well as the older couples, which then makes my sweet husband irate and tip ridiculously high percentages because he wants to break that stereotype. I love things like that about him.), we still made it to the game in plenty of time.


Guys, it was a dream. Perfect. Literally just what I, I'm feeling so blessed. Blessed to have the sweet husband that I do. Blessed to have friends and family that are generous beyond measure. Just blessed.



  1. Okay. I was seriously crying at the first picture, which you weren't even in! I'm so happy you were able to enjoy such a great evening together Mer, no Taco Bell involved. You are loved.

    Also, I looooove the last picture of you two because it reminds me of the summer date Tony and I went on last year. You can just feel the weight off your shoulders and how much you love just being next to your husband in that picture and he you.

  2. This is beautiful. What a wonderful husband! And you are a wonderful wife, too.

    Thank you for sharing this. My husband isn't really a romantic, gift-giving type. But it's a lot of little things and then the random big things that remind me how much he cares. ;)

  3. This post made my heart happy. I like stories like this. Isn't it nice, especially when it's unexpected!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. How sweet! I may have teared up a little for you :)

  5. :-) Way to go Justin! Looks like a beautiful evening.

  6. Awww so sweet. I'm glad he did something special for you, happy anniversary!

    i love justin's thoughtfulness in this way - that spoke volumes to you!!
    you guys are precious and blessed.
    smile on today, my friend ... :)

  8. What a sweet husband you have. Jim isn't much of a gift giver etiher, but when he does something that blows me away it just makes it that more special. So glad you guys got to enjoy a really great night. You ARE blessed! :)

  9. Your husband and my husband sound a lot alike in the gift giving department.... It sure is nice to be surprised once in awhile! :-) Happy Anniversary!

  10. Sooo sweet! I love hearing a good husband story, marriage is so precious!:)

  11. Aww, that is so great! Glad you guys had a fun night!

  12. Very sweet! Yes, being picked first is sooo nice. Happy anniversary!

  13. What a wonderful gift! It looks like a terrific place to eat.

  14. He sounds like P.:) So glad he gave you a surprise you deserved.

  15. We've had those sort of arguments many times in this home as well. :)

    But this post...makes me extremely happy. Like, my heart is filled with happiness because you had a great day, and your hubby surprised you, and I know how *I* would feel if I were in your shoes.

    So happy for you! You ARE blessed! :)

  16. This post made me cry--so, so happy for you! What an incredibly blessed woman you are, Meredith! And what an incredibly great guy Justin is :)

  17. Is it polite to say that you actually made me cry?.... cuz you totally did!...
    That's so Sweet of him and your family, to put such a nice surprise together.... but you know what?...You totally Deserve it!!
    Happy to read you had an awesome time, oh ! and once again, Happy Anniversary!! to both of you!

  18. I am smiling ear to ear for you!! What a great surprise Justin! What a beautiful place to have dinner... and you made it to the game. Being picked first is the best present ever... ever.

  19. What a fabulous anniversary night!! Chad isn't very romantic or into gifts either, so when he does something like this, it's BIG. I can totally relate to how you felt. You look gorgeous in that dress, too! Happy anny, guys! :)

  20. I also love the last picture of you guys. The wind in your hair, the smile on your face---you look so happy. Goosebumps.

  21. I like what you said about how it is nice to pick picked first every once in a while- so true!!!

    What a great suprise, and awesome way to celebrate your anniversary!

  22. What a sweet sweet post! I'll have my hubby read it!

  23. I'm still speechless :) Justin gets a big thumbs up from me! I am glad he had something up his sleeve to surprise you! :)

  24. Agh, I read this post days ago and thought I commented but apparently I didn't.

    Tyler isn't good with gifts either, he's just like Justin in that way! Just like you, I think I would have been off-the-wall excited.

    Such a sweet post! Happy {belated} Anniversary!

  25. That is so sweet of him! Sometimes Brandon is the same way about gifts/occasions. If he would have pulled something like this, I would have been floored as well! :)


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