Friday, June 10, 2011

Austen--Love Her or Hate Her?

Today, I'm on the road! I'm also over on reviewing "A Jane Austen Education"--a memoir about a man who says Jane Austen changed his life.

Please go check it out! I wish I could direct link you from my Blackberry, but I can't figure out how!

What do you think about Austen? Did she change your life? Or could you hardly get through her books?


  1. Oh, most definitely LOVE HER. Yes, her books have changed me.

    As an English major who has collected and read all of her novels and someone who adores and the movies produced because of them, I can honestly say that they remain on my favorites list.

    I even went to Bath when I lived in London to visit the Jane Austen Centre =)

  2. Hate her. If her books have changed me, it's been for the worse.

    But I dislike most English literature written between Shakespeare and World War I. Especially the overly wordy nineteenth-century stuff.

    Oscar Wilde is the shiz, though.

  3. I want so badly to like Jane Austen, but so often find myself day dreaming and have to re-read the whole page again, or rewind the tape five minutes to pick up where my brain left off. I definitely respect her work, but it's not my first pick of literature.


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