Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toxic Algae

I just found out that the lake that we typically spend all summer at has toxic blue-green algae...which is a serious bummer! No more family-wide BBQ's there, for at least a little while :(

The lakes around here typically get pretty bad algae, but usually not until the very END of the summer.

It looks like I'm going to be spending more time in my parent's pool than I thought....which I'm happy to learn is actually a salt-water pool! How cool is that?

What are your favorite summer weekend activities?


  1. Bummer drag on the toxicity! My favorites were going for a nice long run, gardening and drinking around the bonfire...not sure now, past spending time with my two leading men.

  2. That stinks about the lake. I love just sitting in the drive way with the neighbors, drinking some cold ones and hanging out.

  3. That stinks! All we seem to do around here is hang out with all of our neighbors, drinking and having BBQ's every single weekend. It's a lot of fun!

    Uh, same exact response as Beth Ann! =)

  4. That is too bad about the lake. I am so jealous of the pool though. I wish I could go swimming!

  5. Lame. Can't they pour in toxic chemicals to murder the toxic algae? Seems perfectly safe.


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