Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This was seriously quite a weekend. It was jam-packed with STUFF, but it was good!

-We went to see Transformers on Friday night. Justin LOVED it. As we were leaving the theater, he and Ryan both said, "I didn't want it to end!" This one definitely wasn't kid appropriate, but it was still really funny.

-Big church event all day Saturday. We were home by about 7pm, and I immediately went to sleep.

-Sunday was Justin's birthday party. My awesome friends and family all brought over sides, which really helped me out a lot. I can't wait until we have a backyard (a finished one anyway) big enough to host all these people, because our house is definitely NOT big enough! I have no pictures from the day, but Kaitlin was a doll and took a bunch for me, so I'm sure I'll have some eventually.

-Justin will be helping with Vacation Bible School all week from 5pm-8pm. I'm really glad that I didn't sign up to help, but it's kind of a bummer that I won't see much of him this week, especially if he is still leaving on Sunday to go out of town for work.

-I have a busy work week this week, but we get Friday off paid for the holiday. Woop woop! Yeah for a short work week!

-I'm already having nightmares about my doctor's appointment on the 6th. Hate that.

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