Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chase Sucks

As former WAMU customers, we're now being transitioned over to Chase. And I have to say, it really sucks. I absolutely hate Chase so far, and I'm seriously considering switching over to a new bank. Here's just *some* of what's happened in the last few weeks.

-I got paid on Friday. I wasn't feeling up to going in and depositing my check. I knew we had some big bills that may have overdrawn our account, but knew that we should be just fine because we had linked our checking to our savings for overdraft protection. I knew that the bills would all be paid from savings, and I'd just go deposit my check into savings today. Only, during the switchover, apparently our account somehow "lost" the overdraft protection. So, I discovered almost $200 in insufficient funds fees today. Of course, they can't do anything about it until Monday since the manager is on vacation. That's splendid.

-Earlier this month, all of our bills that were set on auto-bill-pay came back declined, even though there was plenty of money in the account.

-Our debit cards inexplicably stopped working before we received our new Chase cards. We went in and asked for new cards to be sent ASAP. 14 days later, we still hadn't received them. We went back into the bank, and discovered that the first lady had never actually ordered them. 14 days later, we actually got our new cards.

-Funds deposited by check are no longer available same-day as they were with WAMU, which means now I get to go to the bank that my work writes their checks on, cash my check there, and then take it to Chase to deposit it in cash. Waste. Of. My. Time. Same-day availability was one of the reasons we chose WAMU in the first place.

Seriously. I'm really pissed about the $200 that we now won't have available until Monday. I know $200 isn't a lot to some people, but we actually had that $200 allocated for something we planned to do this weekend for our anniversary, that now we won't be able to do. Thanks, Chase. You're a real winner.

At least you aren't as bad as Wells Fargo, who completely changed my name and social security number on my account without my permission. I have great luck with banks, don't I?


  1. Ick- I'm sorry. I hope you can get it all worked out.

  2. Ohmigosh, so sorry this happened. I LOVE Chase - and am shocked that the teller couldn't just reverse the fees you were charged. We've had nothing but good experiences with them - well, with the exception of our refinance, but that had to do with a loan officer who was a jerk - and I've been a Chase customer for life.

    If it's any help, they're possibly the most solid bank you could be with right now. And they're usually really good at reversing fees, so good luck!

  3. Wow. Chase sounds retarded. Whatever you do, don't go to Bank of America; they let me change the address, social and mother's maiden on an account I thought was mine but decided probably really wasn't. I alerted them to this fact, and they thanked me, acting rightfully embarrassed, and I decided never, ever to trust them with my money.

    I like BECU, but you have to be a Washington resident to open an account, so mostly I just wanted to say neener neener neener cuz that's how I roll.

  4. Oh my gosh! I would be soooo pisssssed! I work for a bank and let me tell you if that ever happened I would get spanked! I would find a smaller LOCAL bank-the bigger banks tend to not pay as close attention to the details. Sorry about your anniversary money :(

  5. Yikes! This makes me feel better about my small town bank. I used to have a big bank, but our small one works just as well.

  6. Yeah, I hate dealing with the switch over too. We've had a few hang ups with them as well. =/

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  8. Wamu / Chase SUCKS!
    This explains why I feel the same way! My Story.

  9. My recent Chase CC statement indicated an effective APR that was 7% higher than the previous month. When I called to find out why, a rude woman with poor English skills, said that I had not responded to a "change in terms" letter supposedly mailed to me in May. Since I had not received such a letter, I asked her if it was sent by certified mail. She said "No, it was sent regular mail." As I inquired further, she became impatient and began accusing me of arguing with her. Then she had the gall to suggest that "maybe someone else saw it and threw it away." (Her blame the customer customer service technique was pretty lame, even for Chase).

    For the record, I personally bring in the mail on a daily basis. Neither my wife nor I just flippantly sort through it and chunk it in the trash--she even opens junk mail. Chase just assumed that I received the letter (and didn't really care if I DID as long as they could legally say that they tried to notify me of the change--but they can't PROVE IT).

    This technique is typical of the unethical way Chase does business. They make you reply to their "invitation" to be have your APR jacked up (which any normal person would decline), or they jack up your APR. Seriously, what moron would willingly agree to have their APR increased 7% for no reason other than Chase wants to make more money in a bad economy? It's not like I was late on a payment; it was just ARBITRARY.

    I am supposedly being sent another notice to decline the change in terms. We'll see what happens.


    The first time Chase tried to screw me involved their money-grubbing policy of "Universal Default." While taking a stack of bills to the post office one of them fell between my passenger seat and the center console.

    This was a gasoline credit card that I used about four times a year (just to keep it from going dormant). I didn't discover the bill until it was already past due. Chase's response was to try and raise my APR 7%. When I refused, I was forced to close the account (not that it was any big loss).

    Now mind you, the balance due the oil company was a whopping 40 dollars which I paid in one lump sum plus the late fee (fair enough, the fault WAS mine). So where does Chase come off thinking that they get to screw me when the late payment did not involve THEM at all?

    Also, unlike some other banks, there is no mechanism for lowering your interest rate after one late payment. (You could keep your account in good standing from that point forward for years and nothing changes). Once Chase jacks up your rate, that's it.


    Now that Chase, like a cancer, has bought out WAMU I will have the pleasure of closing three bank accounts plus my credit card account. I will not do business with these people ever, ever, ever.

    Awaken people! Chase isn't the only bank or credit card issuer around so don't be a fool. Use a local bank or check out Simmons First National for low rates.


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