Monday, June 22, 2009

To Slack, Or Not To Slack?

So, tomorrow (Tuesday) is our anniversary. Months ago, when I still had Mondays off, I asked for tomorrow off, thinking I'd take a mini-vacation over our anniversary weekend. Even after I was moved away from Mondays off, I was thinking that I'd still keep that Tuesday off, because it would be a nice mid-week break.

Now, I'm battling with myself a little bit because I was JUST off on Friday due to the ER debacle. Part of me is feeling a little guilty, and thinking that I should go in on Tuesday since I just had a "day off", albeit not a relaxing one, on Friday.

The other part of me is thinking that I have almost 3 weeks of paid time off saved up, and will accrue almost another month here pretty shortly. I really could use a real day off, because I'm absolutely exhausted still, and there is nothing that I'd like to do more than lounge around all day, preferably by the pool.

Edited to add- My Tuesday would be totally paid. Our sick time, vacation, etc. are all pooled into a "paid time off" category, and we accrue something like 12-14 hours of it each month.
Now, I am taking 6 days off in August, but I think that still leaves me with plenty of vacation time saved up, and plenty of time to continue saving up more. What would you do?


  1. You really sounds like you could use the day off. Seriously. If you guys are going to be able to pay all your bills if you don't work- I say take a break! You are going through a lot of tough stuff and a break would be good for you. August is a long time away.

  2. It sounds like you need and want the day of but are trying to talk yourself out of it. If it's paid and it's only one day I would take it. I wish I was off for our anniversary but I'm not. J and I are working different shifts so we won't really see each other. Anyway, enjoy the day off and relax! Everyone needs to relax and you sound like you need a day off!

  3. Keep the day off and don't feel guilty about it. Just make sure you don't have anything pressing that's due that day.


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