Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today will be Good.

Today will be a fantastic day. Here's the plan:

-I'm going into work from 9:30am to 10 to interview a person we may be hiring. They wanted the entire staff there for the interview, but had no problem with me leaving afterwords for my scheduled day off. In fact my boss even encouraged me to still take it ("Meredith, a trip to the ER is NOT a vacation.") This is actually good because it will force me not to lay around in bed all day.

-After that, I am heading to my parent's house to lay around in the pool and see my dad after his surgery today (he had a botched surgery 10 years ago where they operated on the wrong side and then switched over to the right side without sterilizing the equipment and he got gangrene. They are STILL doing surgeries to repair the damage). I'm excited to float in the pool and maybe get a little sun (while wearing sunscreen, of course). I'm also excited to keep reading Alias Grace, which I'm really enjoying.

-While over there, I plan to eat at my favorite sandwich shop that they don't have locally, and also to hit up my favorite used bookstore. They aren't open on the weekends, so it's a treat to be able to take some books in and get some new ones.

-Tonight, since it's our anniversary (*swoon*), we're going out to a swanky dinner. They have one of my favorite appetizers ever, which is a blue cheese and pear baked cream brulee served with a baguette, and damnit, if they are all out of them by the time we get there, I told Justin that we are leaving and eating somewhere else. I have been looking forward to this blue cheese for MONTHS.

It will be a good day. And then there will only be three more days left in the work week!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad your work scenario panned out.

    I hope your day goes as well as planned!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Good call on taking the day off still, I wish I was not at work today :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! It does sound like a fantastic day!

  4. Good for you- enjoy your day and your anniversary!


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