Thursday, June 4, 2009

Also, I might die.

The other day, I was looking at real estate lisitings in our area, just to see how the housing market is doing, and I was curious what sort of a house we could afford now. One of the houses I came across contained this first, I flipped right through it. But on second glance, I'm pretty sure that what I'm looking at right here is a stripper pole in the middle of the living room. And not only a stripper pole, but a stripper pole right next to a ceiling fan?!


  1. Ha! I've seen one of those before too...they tried to pass it off as an "exercise pole". Right.

  2. That cracked me up! Especially when you pointed out how close the ceiling fan is! You should sent that into

  3. Classy. I could actually buy the argument for exercise, I know I am not in good enough shape to hold my weight up on a pole...but then again, why oh why the living room?? HAHA, good share Mere!

  4. Haha really? In the living room? Boy oh boy! And so close to the ceiling fan? Talk about an accident waiting to happen!

  5. That's the new thing in houses these days, didn't you know that? =) Definitely on my "must have" list for our next house!

  6. Lisa, let me answer you with a question: Why oh why not?


  7. Haha!! So classy. It would serve as a lovely room centerpiece for Christmas morning with the family haha.

  8. hahahahahaha

    Thank you for this picture. I feel so much better about our apartment- knowing that I could live somewhere with a stripping pole in the middle of the room.



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