Friday, January 8, 2010

Struck Out.

This morning, I decided to do some online "window shopping" for some REAL clothes.

I know, I will still be quite awhile before I'm able to really fit into regular clothes again. But I am EXCITED. And for the first time in quote some time, I was actually letting myself look at regular clothes this morning.

Only, I have not found even a single measly shirt that I like so far at any of my go-to inexpensive places (Target, Kohls, Old Navy, Gap, etc). Heck, even my most favorite jeans in the world (Gap Long and Lean) seem to only come in weird washes this year. I'm disappointed by your spring collections designers!

Have any of you seen cute stuff this year that won't break the bank? 


  1. I'm not letting myself shop for clothes right now, so everything I see I want. But I also haven't tried anything on, and that usually narrows things down. Gap was having a great sale on sweaters last weekend, and we're going to be in sweaters for many more months here, but I steered clear.

  2. I remember feeling the exact same as you! I'm sorry you're not finding anything though . . . hmmm. Those are my go-tos as well. :(

  3. Kohl's has let me down, too! I've gotten most of my clothes at Belk & Dillards - places I hardly ever shop at. They've had a ton of 75-85% off sales, though. I'm a big fan of Ann Taylor & LOFT. Have you checked out those?

  4. I am so looking forward to wearing regular clothes, I can not say it enough. My SIL bought me a gift card to Ann Taylor for Christmas and I have been dying to use it ever since. You do lose around 25 pounds in the first week of giving birth from baby and fluid but then you seem to be stuck with that extra "something" that you are hoping will go away soon!!!! :) I am going to give it a few more weeks to hopefully get back to pre-pregnancy weight before purchasing a few items. I can't believe you are in your last week! I have been thinking of you. I hope all goes well with your labor.


  5. DO you ever check out Express? They have BOGO 50% off quite frequently. I love their basic tees and sweaters.


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