Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Photos and Snippets

I can just picture her thinking "I do NOT heart rainbows, and I don't know why you insist on dressing me up in all this girlie junk, mom!" Speaking of girlie junk, Ethan sent me a pretty amazing non-girlie onesie that I cannot WAIT until she grows into, because it is hilarious. 


Also, people keep asking us who Lizzy looks like. To be honest, I don't think she looks too much like either of us (though I will admit that she has my long spinster fingers). To be honest, I think that Lizzy looks like that  little boy from Love Actually!

In other news......

-Lizzy is a pretty good baby for the most part. She really does sleep a LOT. That said, she's been going through a phase lately where during the day, she wants to be held on my chest literally all the time. If I set her down for even a minute, she screams bloody murder. Sitting on the couch all day catching up on shows that I had DVR'ed was nice for the first week or so, but now I'm just feeling really unproductive. I have to go in to town tomorrow for an allergy shot. I think I'm going to stop at the fabric store while I'm in town and pick up some jersey fabric to make a DIY Moby Wrap. They aren't exactly the most flattering things in the world, but at least it might help me to get things done around the house. So that might help the days situation...but I'm afraid that it probably won't help the fact that Lizzy has also decided that she does not sleep from 2am-4:30am.

-There was a special election in Oregon yesterday. It was an interesting measure designed to tax "big corporations" more (though in actuality, there are some pretty big consequences for small businesses as well), which would theoretically provide more income for schools. The bad thing about the measure is that it was retroactive, which means that it was factored into 2009's budget before it was ever voted on. Since the measures passed, businesses now have an expense for 2009 that they didn't budget for...not a big deal for huge corporations, but most definitely a big deal for small businesses like the one J works for. For the record, it's worth noting that J's company is a FANTASTIC company to work for, and I love his bosses. They are genuinely good guys. But because of the economy, they've (understandably) had to make lots of cuts within the company. They've increased employee insurance premiums, they've frozen the accumulation of PTO, and they've laid off more than half the shop. I'm a little nervous to see how J's company will handle this--I'm not sure what else they could cut!

- I need a nursing cover of some sort. Any suggestions?

-I am having a hard time with this post-pregnancy body of mine. I feel lumpy. I hate that every day when Justin comes home, I'm in sweats, and probably haven't showered. If I have, my hair is just thrown up into a ponytail.  Why am I in sweats every day? Because clothes (both maternity and pre-pregnancy) don't fit right. And it doesn't seem like breastfeeding is making anything "melt away" like so many people said it would. I am looking forward to my 6 week appt, where I'll hopefully be given the green light to exercise to my heart's content. I think I'm going to try doing the 30 Day Shred--which will probably (hopefully) totally kick my ass (back into shape).


  1. I am so in love with her little face! Hope the wrap works out for you! Let me know how it turns out! :) Also, I am thinking on making my own nursing cover (if I ever get around to the 23928309423 projects I am "thinking on") and just using some Velcro and a couple sheets of material :) Good luck there too!

  2. I love these pictures! So cute! I plan to use one of those wraps, no matter how goofy they look when I have a baby. I think they are amazing! I hope all works out for you, though I'm sure you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat if you had to, since Lizzy is so incredibly adorable! :-)

  3. Oh I see the Love Actually boy in her, especially in the last photo!

    As far as nursing covers go, some of my friends with babies have the kind eith boning at the top so you can look down and see baby. I always thought those were nice, but another friend told me she prefered all-fabric covers so she can view the baby but not worry about anyone standing being able to see down either, a problem the boning ones have.

    Sorry to hear about the post-pregnancy body. I'm not looking forward to it either, especially because I feel strange now being lumpy in some places and not in others. My father swears up and down its worth it, and I don't doubt it, but what does he know!?

  4. She's darling! I cannot imagine the frustration of not being able to work out (although you probably don't feel like you want to right now, I'm guessing? Don't know). I'm sure you'll be where you want to be in no time, just hang in there.

  5. oh my gosh, i literally laughed out loud at the love actually boy comment (love that movie!) she's adorable don't you worry!!

  6. my friend makes the cutest nursing covers and sells them etsy! you should check her out, she's a sweetie!

  7. obviously you know this, but lizzy is so cute! I also was in tune to the Oregon tax debacle, and wow. I do feel remorse for those small businesses, especially because I own one. GL with the work out. I couldn't get into the 30-day shred. However, I'm back at 24 hour soaking up as many classes, and doing as much cardio before summer hits!

  8. She's so precious! And you are an excellent photographer - those are almost pro quality. I've heard the 30DS is amazing, but haven't tried it myself. GL!

  9. First - Caroline did the same thing! She never wanted to be put down. At first it felt wonderful, but eventually I felt like nothing was getting done. I got a sling and it helped a lot. Then, at the 3 month mark she suddenly became independent! She plays for long periods of time and lets me walk off and do what I need to do now. :) It will end eventually! Promise!

    Second - As nice as it would be if breastfeeding made the baby weight "melt away" - it doesn't! But, it definitely helps. But it's a very gradual process. Give it some more time! One thing that really helped me was making a point to put on make-up everyday. It just made me feel a little more human.

    Good luck and GO EASIER ON YOURSELF! You just had a baby! ;)

  10. Aww. I love, love the black and white picture of her! I think she looks more like you, personally.

    I hope you try the Shred and love it, because it definitely kicks your behind...and I love every minute.

  11. Lizzy and I have a sleeping schedule in common, it would seem.

  12. A moby wrap should help! And give it a week or two, and she'll start figuring out that nighttime is for sleeping- and hopefully she'll keep those wakings brief.
    And as far as how you feel, I felt the same exact way. I think everyone does! I recall writing a post about sometimes not showering at all or brushing my teeth until the late afternoon. Ha! I agree with Kacie- cut yourself some slack! You'll be back to normal with pretty minimal effort in no time.

  13. Hey! A friend of mine posted this on facebook tonight. They are giving them away for FREE. You just have to pay $9.95 shipping. Here is the link: Promo code is: family2010

  14. I love the black and white picture of little Lizard with the cool pattern in the background. She makes rad faces. ;)

    Mere, make some time for yourself to get your hair cut, colored and dyed and whatever else you want to do to it. You deserve it and it will undoubtedly make you feel a little less lumpy. I am sure Justin will help you make this happen.

  15. Great pictures of her! I have friends that have moby wraps and love em! I agree with Lisa - go get your hair cut and you'll start feeling better. Sometimes it's just the little things!

    Oh and 30DS totally kicked my behind. I never made it very far into level 2 before I wanted to die. One time for "fun" I watched level 3, and gave up on it all together. Good luck with it!

  16. She is too cute!

    I'm with Katie! There's tons of nursing covers on Etsy!

    And honestly, I bet most docs give you the go-ahead to hit the gym. Once you start the exercise, that, coupled with the breast-feeding should do just the trick. Don't worry!

  17. She's adorable! The shred works great by the way but I got bored after a while with it.


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