Monday, January 25, 2010

Snippets and Photos

- Sunday was an interesting football day for our family--my dad is a long-time Colts fan, I'm a long-time Saints fan, and my sister is a long-time Vikings fan. Sorry Court, it's dad and I facing off for the Superbowl :)

-Holy COW, do my stitches ever itch all of a sudden! I've heard that means they're healing, but it's also just really uncomfortable and awkward!
-I really think Lizzy would sleep through the night if we were allowed to let her. Saturday night/ Sunday morning, the alarm went off to feed her. I woke up Justin, who was going to change her and bring her to me to feed her. I thought that he was up and awake, so I went back to sleep. Unfortunately, so did Justin. Lizzy never woke up or cried (in fact, I STILL had to wake her up for her next feeding). I kind of felt like a terrible parent though.

-On Sunday night, Justin was playing Playstation (aka my nemesis), and he kept rocking back in a chair that was most definitely not designed for rocking. And he fell over right on his butt. Twice. Ha!

-After seeing the baptism photos, I cannot WAIT to get my hair cut and colored. I haven't done either in a very long time (I can't even remember if I had it done while I was pregnant), and I hate both the cut and the color!  Logistically, I'm not sure how I'd make it work though I'd probably either have to pump or feed her in the middle of the cut and color. It's stuff like that that makes breastfeeding hard for me. Maybe that's a little selfish, but it's the truth.

Baptism Photos:



  1. Great photos of the baptism! Could you pump between the cut and the color portion? I'm a color phobe, so I don't know how it works. What about at home color - since your hair is light and then just getting a good haircut? Again, I'm a newbie.

  2. I think you've got a great looking family and I like your hair.

  3. Fabulous photos! You all look soo proud, especially Justin!

  4. Hi Meredith, I think you and I are going through the same things right now. I just blogged about getting my hair colored. I haven't gotten my hair colored either since I found out I was pg. We just introduced a bottle this week so I was finally able to get out of the house for a baby shower. I pumped when I got home. Brest feeding seemed to have gotten better for us finally this week. Jill eats now every 2-4 hours and has had a few nights where she has gone 5-6 hours. A typical night is usually every four hours though. I only feed her when she cries unless it goes over 4 hours during the day. Your baptism pictures are adorable, Lizzy is so tiny!!!


  5. Check out Chelsea's blog about the Book made me think of you!

  6. Aw. Great pictures! :) Look at you, grinning from ear to ear! :) And I think your hair looks great...but I know how that goes...roots are evil. ;) I'm trying to stay away from permanent color (ha! That's a joke.) so I have temporary color in right now...and I want my hair to grow, so I HATE getting trims and avoid them at all costs. Sigh. Good luck with yours, though...I like seeing what people do to their hair. :)

  7. :) Congrats on the baptism! :) And I love the color and cut of your hair! :) But, you definitely deserve an afternoon out, but I can imagine that would be difficult to do while nursing.

  8. So precious!!! Love the photos!

  9. Congrats on your baby girl and on the baptism! She is just darling.

  10. I am confused as to why you would wake Lizzy at night to eat? I thought the goal was to have her sleep the night...I would "cluster feed" right before bed and my little man would sleep about 6 hrs. She is a cutie. You have a nice looking family. Enjoy eachother :o)


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