Thursday, January 28, 2010

BQOTD: State of the Union

Today's Question: Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? Why or why not? And if you did, what did you think?

We did watch, though I will confess that I had forgotten all about it until we happened to flip through our TV Guide to see what was on. I'm always pretty ambivalent about the SOTU address (regardless of who is in office), because it so often feels like blowing smoke to me. The president can seemingly promise whatever they want with little follow up or repercussions for not following through.

That said, I did appreciate that Obama made pointed digs at himself, Democrats, Republicans, AND the Supreme Court. The fact of the matter is that none of the political parties or institutions in the US are perfect, and I appreciated the fact that a political figure would give us some straight talk about why nothing seems to get done in DC.

What did you think? 


  1. We did watch it, mainly because it was on right after American Idol, ha!

  2. I missed it. I was out with a friend for her 30th bday. I usually don't always watch it, but try to read some new stories the next day to see what was said. Haven't gotten around to it just yet though.

  3. We watched it. Obama's a good speaker. That said, I felt a little bit like I was watching a 7th grader run for class president. B shouted at one point "And I will put vending machines in the cafeteria!!!"

  4. Blowing smoke about summed it up for me.

  5. What politician isn't completely full of crap these days? So yeah, my general thought was blowing smoke. And it seemed like the Democrats had buzzers in their seats or something. Was a standing ovation necessary for every little damn thing he said?

    Also, Biden looked like he smoked fat bowls before he came in.

    I enjoyed watching the Republicans pout, though. Poor widdle wepublicans... are you sad your eight-year run of screwing up the country is over? Cwy baby cwy.....

    And I could spend a whole day watching the Supreme Court cower after being called out for legalizing corruption.

  6. We really enjoyed watching the SOTU ... but enjoyed even MORE watching the President field live questions from Republicans. You've got to see it! I think it happened on thursday ... see if you can find it. No matter what people's political opinions are, it is SO refreshing to watch our President speak and not cringe (ala GW) ...! Pres Obama is so well-spoken, articulate and sharp. Further, he brings so many good points to bear in this discussion w/the Repubs.


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