Sunday, January 24, 2010

Child of God

Today's an exciting day--Lizzy will be baptized today by Justin's dad! Ryan, Renee, Justin, and my sister Courtney are leading the music today (which I am really excited about), and I believe the above song, "City On Our Knees" by Toby Mac is one of the ones they're singing.

I know this might sound strange to some of y'all, because I think a good portion of Christian churches now practice a Believer's Baptism. However, the Lutheran church typically baptizes as infants, and then do Confirmation as teens, which is similar to the concept of a Believer's Baptism in terms of the profession of faith, and is also often somewhat similar to First Communion in the Catholic church.

This baptism and confirmation business is complicated, isn't it? Everybody does something differently--some churches sprinkle water, others dunk people completely. But you know what the beauty of it all is? In the grand scheme of things, how a church approaches baptism really isn't important. The only thing that is really important in the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for our sins. And that it is because of Him that we receive eternal life.


  1. Congrats Lizzy on your Baptism today! Catholics actually have a Confirmation too in 8th grade. So it's very similar to the Lutheran Church. I love when babies get baptized, it's so nice to bring them into the church right away :)

  2. yay for little miss lizzy on her baptism today!

    "The only thing that is really important in the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for our sins. And that it is because of Him that we receive eternal life." --I could agree with you more!

  3. Yeah, Catholics have a First Communion (when you're 10-ish? I can't remember exactly), and then a Confirmation when you're a teen. I'd defected by then, so I didn't do the confirmation, but I definitely remember first communion.

    Congratulations and such.

  4. Oh, congrats to you and your family for making such an important choice! How important!

    (and love that song!)

  5. We do infant baptism as well; what a celebration of God's covenant with us! Blessings to Lizzy today.

  6. This has been a topic of debate in our house. Brandon grew up in the Lutheran church and was baptized as a baby. I grew up in a Baptist church and was dedicated as an infant. We go to a faith-based church now that does belivers baptism, not infant baptism. I don't necessarily think it's wrong to baptize babies, I just don't want to have Brayden baptized in a church that we will not attend just for the sake of having him baptized!

    BUT what a blessed day for your family. I completely agree with you though, the only thing that is important if that Jesus died for us and for our eternal life. How glorious!

  7. Happy baptism day to Lizzy! The Catholic and Lutheran churches aren't too drastically different - we baptize infants and confirmation is the entrance into the church as an adult. First communion is just a stepping stone along the way (and the 2nd of the 3 white dresses a girl wears in her Catholic upbringing).

  8. I LOVE that song! It comes on the radio station that I listen to all the time!
    Ditto what Sarah said- we still do infant baptism (our church is PCA). Noah hasn't been baptised yet, as we are in the process of joining our church that I just started working at! They do group baptisms because the church is so large, which will be on Mother's Day! Congrats on sweet Lizzy's baptism!


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