Thursday, January 21, 2010


- I have a recipe that you guys have to try--a friend brought Chuck's Favorite Mac N' Cheese to us for dinner, and it was absolutely fantastic. I think she told me that she used White Cheddar instead of regular cheddar, but either way, it was great. Thanks Pam!

-Thanks to those of you who have commented and emailed asking how I'm feeling--I'm feeling much better than I was last week. I'm still not 100%, but at this point, it's more an ache than all over agony. So that's good. My boobs are still incredibly sore though, and I'm hoping that dies down here pretty soon.

-The Lizard and I went on our first adventure this morning (to Wally World, to buy more diapers). I had been putting this off for fear of a huge melt-down or diaper blow out in the middle of the store with a full cart. But she pretty much just slept the whole time. I will say this though-- it is amazing how much effort and planning it takes to get out the door!

-While Lizard is nursing, sometimes I'll catch up on TV shows that I've DVR'ed. One of the things that somehow got recorded was Life Unexpected, which is a new show on the CW. It's a total teeny-bopper sitcom/soap opera. But I secretly kind of loved it.

-Want to hear a funny story? Remember a few days ago when I posted this picture of Lizzy's toes with my and J's wedding rings on them? My mom shared with me that when she saw the picture on our HUGE monitor at home (my dad actually has a TV instead of a computer monitor), she thought that the picture was of my toes. She couldn't figure out why I would put rings on my toes and take a picture (I still don't know how it would even be logistically possible), and she also didn't understand all the comments saying that the picture was "cute" and "adorable". Sorry mom, but it's funny.

-For other mamas out there, if you haven't heard already, Graco has a recall for a ton of their strollers right now. Apparently, several poor babies had their fingers amputated from one of the hinges. If you have a Graco stroller and are wondering if you need the fix-it package, you can check here by model number/


  1. I'm a sucker for any mac and cheese. This sounds super good! Yay for nice friends.

    I didn't email. Boo. Anywhoo, I thought the roughest week of breastfeeding was the 3rd. If you can get to a month, you've got smooth sailing!

    You no longer get to travel lighting.

    I secretly want to watch this show lol.


    So sad. :(

  2. Oooohhh! Graco! Shame on you! How horrible! This makes me never want a Graco stroller!

  3. Glad to hear things are going well! It's funny... because when ever I'm cold my boobs hurt really bad too (just like i was when I was nursing Jayden, who is now 2) I guess I'm just getting a taste of what is yet to come... right?! :)

  4. The story about your mom cracks me up!!

    I'm glad you are feeling better - the boob thing is no fun though. Is Lizzy doing OK with BF'ing? I'm scared about how difficult it's going to be...

    And I already plan to take my first trip with the baby when my mom is in town specifically so I can avoid any type of meltdown. :)

    And again, I say this every. single. time. I comment, but I'm so excited to have a Lizard of my own here!!

  5. That's hilarious about your mom...something my mom would probably do. Mac-n-cheese sounds yummy. I'm glad you're feeling better and congrats on the first outing!!!

  6. I've been looking for a great recipe for our neighbors who've had quite the ordeal with their new baby - thank you!!! Making this tomorrow to take to them this weekend.

  7. Yum, Mac & Cheese sounds delicious right now!

    I'm glad you're feeling better! I hope the breastfeading gets easier for you too, I have no experience in the category, so you're on you're on there! :-)

    I actually thought about watching the show, but decided against it... Should I take up watching it??

    P.S. If those were your feet/toes, you would be darn lucky to have such cute feet in your 20's!!

    This is very sad. I couldn't imagine that happening to my child!

  8. I love the new header! And congrats on your little girl!! I'm so happy for you two.

    I've given you the Sunshine Award so come over and claim it!



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