Tuesday, January 19, 2010

101 in 1001

Some of you may be familiar with the 101 in 1001 challenges. Essentially, the goal is to set 101 goals to be accomplished in the next 1001 days. For me, that time period is up on October 16, 2012. And here's what I'd like to do:


1. Read (at least) one of Jane Austen’s Novels
2. Read 50 books (23/50)
3. Actually read all of Understanding Exposure
4. Complete “50 Questions that will Free Your Mind”
5. Watch (not sleep through) a movie that Justin wants to see but I don’t, without complaining.
6. Blog about my progress on the list.
7. Go through my closet and take a load to the consignment shop. Take anything they don’t want to Goodwill (haven't taken anything to Goodwill because the consignment shop told me to try the items again in awhile).
8. Try 6 new restaurants (2/6- New Pizza Place, Jasper's)
9. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
10. Knit something other than a scarf. Knitted an ear-flap hat.
11. Donate 1000 grams of rice through freerice.com
12. Make a photography portfolio
13. Read my entire camera manual


14. Read the New Testament and keep a journal about it
15. Read Shepherding a Child’s Heart
16. Go to church once at Applegate
17. Give up something meaningful for Lent
18. Make a concerted effort to pray when I feel anxious or worried.
19. Find 10 new Christian songs that are meaningful to me (3/10) (In Your Arms by Plumb, Your Hands by JJ Heller, The Words I Would Say by Sidewalk Prophets).
20. Read Mere Christianity


21. Try 12 New Recipes (3/12- Motherlode Layer Bars, Lighthouse Lasagna, Cucumber Bread)
22. Organize the spare/guest room (mostly done)
23. Prepare a Living Will
24. Plant a Veggie Garden
25. Go to a museum
26. Don’t eat out (or order in) any meals for one week
27. Schedule “Family Night” and turn off phones (0/12)
28. Start a Roth IRA (at least begin researching one)
29. Plant a tree
30. Take Lizzy to the snow
31. Give breastfeeding my best shot for at least 6 months.
32. Re-do a family budget
33. Have Lizzy baptized
34. Have a photo book made of Lizzy's first year
35. Make Justin a cheesecake
36. Introduce Lizzy to Kait & Jesse
37. Start landscaping the backyard
38. Do a photo shoot with Lizzy at least once a month for the first year (11/12)
39. Teach Lizzy basic Spanish—colors, numbers, etc.
40. Mail Christmas Cards before Christmas
41. Send out photo birth announcements for Lizzy
42. If we receive a tax refund for 2009, have a written plan for what we will do with the money and follow it. I am saying that we completed this. We had a verbal plan, and did follow it.
43. Go on an actual get-dressed-up-date with Justin -Anniversary 2010
44. Eat dinner (at home) by candle-light
45. Start a family tradition

Physical Health

46. Climb Table Rock 5 times (0/5)
47. Do the Couch to 5K program
48. Run or Walk a 5K
49. Go snowboarding
50. Go for a walk with J at least once a week for one month (0/4)
51. Complete the 30 Day Shred (it’s okay if it takes more than 30 days total --Now doing round 2!
52. Buy new running shoes
53. Get a Wii and Wii Fit
54. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
55. Keep a food diary of everything that I eat for one week
56. Refrain from drinking any soda for at least one week (gave up soda for Lent 2010)

Because It’s Been Too Long

57. Go to the ocean
58. Go to a concert Disciple, Head, etc.
59. Get a library card again
60. Float the river at least once
61. Have family photos taken
62. Make homemade ice cream
63. Build a snowman
64. Have my hair highlighted -7/2/10
65. Have a picnic
66. Laugh so hard that I cry Done on 4/4/10.
67. Play guitar hero
68. Go to the Hot Air Balloon Rally in July
69. Buy fresh flowers for the house
70. Go wakeboarding
71. Go to the Farmer’s Market
72. Take a bath
73. Do a DIY project for our house
74. Watch a movie with subtitles (Amelie)
75. Refrain from using the hair dryer or straightener for 7 consecutive days. Completed Jan 16-23, 2010
76. Leave the state of Oregon

Facing Fears

77. Donate blood
78. Do 5 photo shoots for non-family members (5/5) I did way more than five already!
79. Throw a party

Just Because

80. Make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon
81. Watch Casablanca
82. Buy a pair of jeans that cost more than $60 and fit me perfectly
83. Learn how to play one song on the guitar
84. Make a headboard for our bed
85. Get a tattoo
86. Try at least 10 new cocktails (3/10- Dark and Stormy, Pear Bubbler, Basil Spritzer)
87. Go wine tasting at a winery (The one near the creamery)
88. Have a houseplant
89. Leave a tip that’s equal to the total cost of the bill
90. Have dinner at The Bistro -Anniversary 2010
91. Try a take n’ bake pizza from my favorite pizza place
92. Send a random gift to a friend {to April}
93. Watch a sporting event live {all of Kevin's games}
94. Try a food that I’ve never had before - Pummelo!
95. Purchase a flash for the camera
96. Break 100 while bowling
97. Buy a lottery ticket
98. Own 5 pieces of jewelry that I love (3/5-wedding necklace, illusion stone necklace, chunky burnt orange & pearl necklace)
99. Get ice cream somewhere other than Dairy Queen
100. Make sangria
101. Discover a beer that I actually like Lost Coast's Tangerine Wheat Ale.

One of the goals is to blog about my progress, so I'll continue to do so. But I'll also add the direct link to this post (which I will update as I go along) to the header of the blog. I can't wait to get going on this!

What about you guys? Do you have a 101 in 1001 list?


  1. Aw I hope I meet Miss Lizzy before your 1001 days are up! :) Maybe I'll make one of these lists, and actually stick to it! So much better than a new years resolution. Oh and by the way, I LOVE my wii fit!

  2. I love your list ... so many amazing things on there. i am impressed that you've captured all of this in one place ...

  3. Great list! A tattoo, huh? Got any cool ideas or thoughts about what you're going to get?

  4. We love our Wii! Sounds like a great list of goals! Can't wait to read about them!

  5. Wow, this is amazing. I love it and I am so going to do it! Thanks :-)

  6. Great list! Good luck accomplishing it. I need to get back on track with mine.

  7. These are great Meredith!!

  8. How do I had a new header? I would love to do the same thing you've done for a bit more organization. Love you 101 in 1001 list. I'm in the process of making mine right now!

  9. I'm with you on the giving blood thing. Until now I've always had a reason I wasn't allowed, but now I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear. But it scares the crap out of me! I don't like getting poked and according to nurses my veins and skin are small, tough and wiggly. Not a comfortable combination.

    But it's something I have to do someday, for me. Oh yeah, and for the person getting the blood.

  10. You have a great list!

    I've had two of these lists. The first one disappeared somewhere in the internet world...the second one I simply gave up on. I need to make one that isn't quite as difficult. I put big goals on and feel overwhelmed and give up. :\

  11. Homemade ice cream is so stinkin' good. So is sangria. I didn't know you would get a tattoo! It'll be interesting to see what you end up choosing...

  12. Hello! Thanks to you, I made a list also! But how do I put it on my page like you have done?


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