Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Review and Snippets...

- I read Anthem by Ayn Rand two nights ago. In one night. It was the shortest book I've ever read, and not really in a good way. I mean, I knew it was going to be a short read just based on the size of the paperback itself, but what I didn't realize was that the little bitty paperback was actually the book twice--once, the original story, and then also a version with Ayn Rand's corrections and revisions hand-written in. So, the actual story was only about 100 pages.

I had high hopes for the book, because I LOVE dystopian literature like 1984, A Handmaid's Tale, Cat's Cradle, etc. Plus, this book has over 250 five star reviews on Amazon. It's been touted over and over as a book that every American should read. Unfortunately, I just wasn't that impressed. The concept of individuality being banned by law was an interesting one, but um, Yevgeny Zamiyatin wrote a book called We, long before Ayn Rand wrote Anthem, that's almost exactly the same story. Reading Anthem, it really felt like blatant plagarism of We. Maybe Rand had never actually read We, but the main plot points of the story were just so similar that I had a hard time just reading the book, and not thinking about how similar they were. So, overall, I give the book a thumbs down. There are MUCH better offerings out there when it comes to dystopian literature--don't waste your time!

In terms of Snippets, here's what I've got:

-I was really excited to have a potential photography job from a complete stranger. She's 32 weeks pregnant with twins and her photographer backed out on maternity shots for this weekend. She wanted to know if I was available to do some any time this weekend. I emailed back and told her that I was available any time Sunday. She emailed back and said, "Oh, well I really wanted Saturday, because we're free at about noon, and that's when the light will be best, so I just went ahead and booked somebody else. " Well first of all, if you wanted Saturday, that would have been a good thing to say, not "any time this weekend". And actually, noon is not a good time to shoot at all, but whatever. Little bitter!

-I think my allergies from the smoke have turned into a cold. J has one two, and we're quite a pair.

-Football game tonight! My bro keeps trying to get me to paint my belly for the game. I told him that if they make state, I would...but from their record so far this year, I'm thinking that I'm in the clear!

-Renee is coming over to paint the tree in the nursery this weekend! I'm really excited! The boys are also assembling the crib....things are starting to come together! I still need to play with the layout of the room a little bit and figure out how a dresser/changing table would best fit. I struggle with always wanting to push furniture up against the walls...but I'm wondering if the glider might actually work best a bit away from the wall, more towards the middle of the room.

-The other day, Justin mentioned that our cat Bones always seems lonely, and wondered if we should maybe get another cat to keep her company. Of course, I'd love to get a kitten, but do cats really like to be in packs? I've always thought of cats as individualistic. Plus, what if they hate each other?!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the tree!!

  2. I just read this book called "The Septembers of Shiraz" and LOVED it. Though I will warn you that I have strange taste in books, and tend to pick ones that are heavy, depressing and sometimes down right sick, like the one I am reading now called "The Lovely Bones". It's about a girl who is in heaven, who was raped and murdered watching her family/friends/murderer go on after she is gone. Crazy, sick and awesome, in my opinion.

  3. How exiting about the photog thing but boo on that lady! Can't wait to see the pics of the finished nursery because I LOVE the color and I also LOVE gliders!!!

  4. I think cats like to be in pairs, especially when they are close in age. We got Stubley first, but he always wanted to play with us which usually meant attacking our feet and legs, so we got Lily. They hissed at each other for the first 5 minutes and are now best buds. It's nice because they usually tire each other out!

  5. I agree w/CJ. I think cats like company. At my parents house, I had a cat and a few years later got another. They were always cool with each other and would cuddle. When my cat got older, she was cranky and we took in a cat. She was not a fan of him and he would bug the crap out of her (he was a kitten & wanted to play- she just wanted to sleep). Even though he bugged her, they would often be caught cuddling.

    I really want another so Jaq isn't lonely during the day :-/

  6. We have 2 cats, sisters, because I knew that I couldn't just have one. When my parents added another cat to the mix, they didn't like each other for about the first 20 minutes and then they cuddled together!

  7. Yeah... there's this whole thing where Ayn Rand's A) a psycho and B) not a very good writer. Although I have to give her props for inspiring Bioshock, the greatest game ever, with the best story ever, which portrays an Ayn Rand paradise gone horribly wrong. My god, it's brilliant.

    Ayn Rand herself, still sucks.

    If you get multiple cats, you HAVE to get them together. Both times we got a kitten to supplement an older cat, they ended up fucking hating each other. As in, the first time, the older one held down the kitten and shit on her. No joke there, because it isn't funny to find a kitten all covered in cat shit. Yeah. So you just have to let Bones die before you get more cats. I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT GET ANOTHER CAT.

    Unless you like poop-covered cats, in which case, may I recommend therapy...?

  8. I think it can work, but agree with Ethan it can go really really bad. In my childhood we've had lots of cats and sometimes it's great and they've become friends.

    My current cat, Oscar, was not a success story. He scared a cat so bad it stayed upstairs and wouldn't come down even to pee, it resorted to peeing in a corner of a bedroom and we had to bring it food till we could give it to my parents. And this was a cat originally from my parents Oscar knew! We thought it would be fine. He's on his own and I'm convinced he prefers it that way. If Bones is young you'll have a better chance of her accepting it. I think it's worth an educated try.

    Be sure you know Bones really well, will she be dominant or submissive to a new cat? It sounds like she's playful, so don't get one a shelter worker describes as docile or mild-mannered.

  9. the nursery looks fantastic! i love the tree mural!

    i would definitely look into getting another cat. bones is a girl, correct? i would go to a shelter and maybe get a 1 or 2 year old male? i think a male and female would get along better then two females. but, talk to the shelter workers. they are far more educated about this then i am.

  10. All you can think is that if she thought noon was the best time for pictures and who she booked agreed with that 1). You're better off without dealing with her and 2). She's not going to be happy with her pictures! Bummer girl.


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