Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Snippets

-Thank y'all for your kind words about the nursery--Renee really did a FANTASTIC job with the mural. I'm excited because this is the first time in decorating that I feel like what's in my head is actually translating to what's in the room, and I am so, so, excited about it.

-For the next two days, I have to be at a Sex Abuse/Sexual Assault training all day. Oye. At least I get to come home at night to decompress. I think I'll take my baby blanket with my to knit.

-Have I told you guys about Justin and Chinese food? Essentially, he hates it. I love it. And when there's a blue moon and we actually do go out for Chinese food, Justin orders the same thing every time, and his order cracks me up--Mar Far chicken, hold the Mar Far sauce, with Sweet and Sour sauce on the side instead. I have tried to tell him that his order is the same thing as Sweet and Sour chicken (with the sauce on the side), but he still orders the same thing every time. And I laugh hysterically every time. Anyway, I found a recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken and made it Sunday night (I doubled the sauce and added way more brown sugar), and he actually liked it!

-Meals for the rest of the week are Taco Puffs, Chicken Picatta, Bean and Rice Bowls, and Homemade Pizza.

-The "n" key on my laptop keyboard is going out. Rut roh!

-Doing photography as a job has always kind of been a pipe dream for me. I'd love to make a living doing it, and I'm considering really trying. I've dabbled with it before in the past, and it hasn't really fallen into my lap, which I know is to be expected any time you're trying to establish a new business. Still, I am terrified that I will fail. Because to me, failing would almost be worse than not trying at all. Because if I hadn't tried, it still exists as a dream that's a possibility in my mind. If I try and fail, I don't even have that!

-I tried to go to Target yesterday to buy some point black knee-high boots. I buy a pair there every two years or so and LOVE THEM far more than when I've actually bought designer brands from Macy's or elsewhere. Sadly, my calves are now too fat for the boots and I cannot zip them up. I need to find another pair somewhere or find another solution, because I seriously wear black pointy knee-high boots about 4 times a week to work during the winter.

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  1. I know the woe of the n going out, my L is going out and possibly my ? (I love hitting it 4 times to watch it show up 10x). Girl, don't you worry about the boots-I have "Butchie calves", Butch is my dad and he has the biggest calves in the world and I have inherited that from him so I have and have had the world's largest calves...EVER!!! So, therefore, my fat calves have NEVER fit into knee high boots...its very sad!


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