Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm really tempted...

To go pick up this maternity coat from Target. It's $40. I do have one maternity coat, but it warm, and the one above is wool. I also do have a regular pea coat that I can still wear unbuttoned, but because I'm wearing it unbuttoned, it just looks like I'm huge instead of pregnant.
What's a girl to do? Probably not do anything for weeks, until I finally decide to buy it and discover that they've already sold out in my size...


  1. Oooh, cuteness! I wonder if a non-pregnant girl can get away with wearing it! Hehe...

  2. Super cute. It is hard because you won't be able to wear it for more than one winter. ick.

  3. Go for it! You're not pregnant too many times in your life so splurge!

  4. Get it! That's a great deal, if you ask me!!

  5. To continue my tradition of acting as the red devil on my friends' shoulders: DO IT.

  6. Especially as you get more uncomfortable, you're gonna need something to look forward to, like a coat you splurged on but makes you feel really good to wear. I had a few of those items, and if you loan your clothes out and plan to get them back you'll have something to look forward to with a future pregnancy and getting the belly all over again(aside from the obvious joy of another kiddo of course!)

  7. I got a larger, regular size coat from Old Navy for $40.


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