Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedded Wednesday

So, this training that I've been at for the last two days is really draining mentally and emotionally. I just don't have the energy to look or type for any particularly enlightening thoughts about marriage. Instead, I thought I'd share this cartoon, which ABSOLUTELY cracks me up, because in some ways, it is so Justin!

Instead, I thought I'd ask y'all a question or two about marriage:

1- What has been the most surprising-in-a-good-way thing about being married?

2- What has been the most difficult or unexpected part about being married?

3- How is being married different than dating, in your opinion?


  1. Ahahaha, funny cartoon!

    1. Difficult: having Nick help me or do something! He usually does it when he gets around to it... but I usually want it done!

    2. Surprising: I'm an only child and he doesn't annoy me nearly as much as I thought he would in "my space."

    3. Different: I just like the "this is my husband" stuff. Nice to be with him all the time.

  2. That cartoon is so Matt!!! Hmm...your questions are tough...

    1. Groceries!!! He doesn't understand my way of shopping and I don't understand his way of eating.
    2. He really does love me...all...the...time...even when my horomones are raging and I have morning breathe.
    3. You're stuck with him! When you want to just chill or you get mad at each other, you can't go to your house and him to're stuck!!!

  3. 1. Having someone else around for opinions (even if I don't ask for them, ha!), looking forward to spending time together at the end of the day.

    2. The most unexpected thing is probably adding a baby to the mix. It really does throw you out of sync for awhile (at least it did us) because we were both so focused on Brayden and not each other. It's a LOT more balanced now, but it took a good few weeks to get it back to normal.

    3. Marriage is obviously a much bigger commitment, so working through issues has a stronger meaning...a stronger sense of "this is what we have to do to make this work".

  4. My answer to all three of those questions is: Never being alone. Seriously, its the best thing but its suffocating all at the same time. Its been a learning experience to set aside time for ourselves - we appreciate our time together so much more that way!

  5. Love the cartoon! I was tempted to share a few funny ones of my own but I'll save those for another week.

    Difficult-I'd have to say his stress levels. I have enough trouble keeping my stress levels down and not commiting to too much but he is FAR worse then I am when it comes to stressing out (although no one ever sees that side of him except for me) so it's hard because I just get so worn down when his stress gets taken out on me and he just doesn't understand.

    Surprising-how it still doesn't really feel real. I still wake up and think to myself, I'm married!?!?! when did this happen?

    Different-how its so easy for life to blur together unless you make a point to stop and appreciate the other person and communicate and actually dress up nicely every once in awhile...most days our marriage feels like something out of the amazing race, just one mad dash after another. It's harder now that I'm married to be able to call a time out whenever I need one.

  6. Seriously, I shouldn't answer this. lol! But thwey are great questions.

    1. Finding out what an amazing father Jesse is.

    2. Huh... well if you read my blog you know. :(

    3. My opinion as a christian is that the devil does anything to make you do the wrong thing (or feel good things) when you are dating. But once you make your covenant with God and your spouse he does everything to tear you apart!

  7. Surprising: That my marriage is working. I'm a realist on the verge of cynical and I got married really young. I know statistically things shouldn't have worked out but they did. I'm in a happy commited relationship and I still want to be here!

    Difficult: Accepting all the things that drive me crazy and I'm sure vice versa. You just have to acknowledge some things will never change and you married him for other reasons, better ones.

    Different: No matter what psychologists recommend and couples that swear it doesn't have to be that way YOU EACH LET YOURSELF GO. YOUR GUARD GOES WAY DOWN BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, YOU'RE MARRIED. Date nights are not the same, there is no going to your respective homes to analyze how the date went. There is no aura that, "maybe he smells that good all the time," or "maybe her legs are naturally smooth and she never has to shave." Nope. In marriage the date and the novelty of getting to know someone is gone. And while a married date night can be fun, and we've had better dates than some we had when we weren't engaged or married, it is not the same as a date when really dating.

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