Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 28

Holy cow y'all. At 15 weeks, I was pretty darn skinny! If you would have asked me whether or not I thought I was skinny pre-pregnancy, I would have told you HELL NO. And at 15 weeks, I felt like my baby bump was totally obvious to everyone. Now, I can't help but laugh! Nothing like pregnancy to make you feel thin!

This week, Lizard is between 2-3 pounds. When I was at the doctor the other day (GP, not the OB), she told me that Lizard is "essentially done cooking" and is now just "plumping up". Speaking of Lizard, many of our family members and church ladies are expressing their dislike for the nickname "Lizard." I tell them that we like that nick-name, but if they don't, they're welcome to call her Liz or Lizzy--not Liza, or Ella, or Ellie, or Beth. I don't understand those being nicknames for Elizabeth (except for Beth, but if I wanted her to be named Beth, I would have named her Beth!), but that's another story.

In other news:
-The nursery is coming along...I just need ideas for what, if anything to do on the walls that don't have the mural. Floating shelves? Frames with wall art?

-Back pain is near constant.

-Did I mention that last Friday the waiter asked me whether I was pregnant or "just really liked beer"? Justin says that in retrospect, he should have looked at me and loudly said, "YOU'RE PREGNANT?! When were you going to tell me?!" I have to admit though, as far as pregnancy comments go, that one is probably the funniest and most unique. The waiter is just lucky that I was in a good mood that day. Any other day, and I just as easily could have cried.

-Sweet Justin told me he's been praying hard that I have a good night's sleep, and for the first time in months, I slept for more than 3 hours at a time last night. Speaking of last night, I remember rolling over and feeling this weird kicking by my stomach. While I was sleeping, I remember thinking, "that's not what Lizzy's kicks usually feel like!" Then I realized that I had rolled over onto the cat, and she was kicking me and trying desperately to get my big belly off her. Sorry Bones!

-My hair is a big frizzy mess. I am really tempted just to toss it in a pony-tail for the next 3 months.

-I HATE the taste and consistency of plain, organic yogurt, but I've been eating it like it's going out of style to try and ward off any nasty side-effects of the antibiotics that I'm on (and thankfully, I'm feeling much better). Blech! I mixed the most recent batch with applesauce to try to make it taste a little better, but no dice.

-I'm beginning to get a linea negra. But here's the funny part--I had surgery a couple of years ago to remove my appendix, and they went in lapriscopically right above my belly button. Consequently, I have a small scar right above my belly button. The linea negra goes from my ribs, down to the scar in a nice straight line, then the scar makes it jutt over about an inch, making it go completely around my belly button. It's just funny that the lines totally don't line up at all.


  1. Ha, rolling on your cat is pretty funny! By the way, I think you still look skinny. :)

  2. I think that you guys calling her Lizard is hilarious. We add buh to the end of our names. So we call eachother bay-buh and our first dog was Reese-buh. (The other two are nicknamed punk ass and shit head) My neice is named Elizabeth June. They had called her June Bug the whole pregnancy and when she popped out she didn't look like a June at all so we all call her Lizzy now. It's weird how at some point they just take on a certain form of their name.

  3. My sister's name is Elizabeth, and I called her Lizard (she hated it :) but the only nickname that ever stuck was Liz. She did try to change her nickname pretty much every month though - Lizzy, Lizi, Eliza Jane, Beth, etc.... she had lots of options, and I had none :)

  4. That's hilarious about Bones! Poor kitty! I don't understand Ella either for a short name. Matt's sis' name is Elizabeth and she goes by Liz or EB (say it fast). Who cares what other people think, it's your baby!?!

  5. Isn't the comparison hilarious? I look back at my 17 week photo when I thought I was really "showing" and laugh. I can only imagine what I'll be thinking at 38 weeks...

  6. I think I would have been SO angry if a waiter said that to me!!

    And your poor kitty!! If God blesses us with a baby (or 2 or 5 or 9!!) I'm sure the same thing will happen with my kitty!! Hahah :)

  7. Poor Bones-y girl :) lol. You look fabulous, friend!

  8. love the comparison shot. You're looking really good and I love the nickname Lizard.

  9. That would have been awesome if Justin did say that to you at the restaurant. And I LOL'd at the cat story :)

  10. Weird about your line- kinda cool though- you are super unique!

    ( I love Justin's proposed response to the waiter- ha!)

  11. I love Lizard for a nickname! :) We called Brayden "Bruno" in the womb because we kept his name a secret. Now we call him Moose, and I am not sure why, because he's not THAT big. My dad calls him Spud, because when we found out I was pregnant in Vegas, we went to the rodeo, and there was a bullrider named Spud. My dad thought it was funny and it just stuck!

    Oh, and I would have punched the waiter!

  12. Isn't it funny when you're pregnant, you look back and think how small you were? Lol. I used to look at my pre preg jeans and think "WOW- I was really that size?"

  13. Lizard is a great name, forget those that it bothers. It's not really about them anyway. And for contrast, Jackie called her baby Gus (short for fungus, nicknamed by a medical school friend because he was growing inside her!!). That could be a controversial nickname...but that's just what they are. If they fit and work, they just do. So there.

    I am also glad you were in a good mood to receive the are you pregnant/do you like beer it possible that the waiter wasn't joking? As a waitress, I find the remark hilarious if a woman is obviously pregnant (as you are). Don't think I will use it though based on your readers' responses. ;)

  14. What a difference! You hot mama you! Can't wait to see the nursery finished!

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  16. you are still skinny..what are you talking about?!?! you look great girl!

  17. I laugh at that picture I sent you all to show you how "huge" I was too. That looked like I had come back from a buffet! I totally sympathize with you.

    And Lizard is a great nickname because it's a family tradition. There's nothing mean about it and you have a reason for calling her that. Hold your own and know if she ever asks you'll have an explanation for the seemingly funny name.


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