Monday, October 19, 2009

Pneumonia and other Snippets

-So, have I mentioned that J and I have been battling colds for probably a month? I actually thought mine was allergies related to the fires around here, but my symptoms never went away and the smoke has. Last week, Justin started to sound REALLY bad, and kept coughing until he threw up. Finally, on Friday he went to the doctor and has either pneumonia or walking pneumonia. Now, I'm starting to sound like him with a dry, non-productive cough, and it pretty much hurts to breathe. Everyone seems to have their own opinion about whether or not pneumonia is contagious, but I'll probably go have the doctor listen to my lungs today to make sure they're all clear. I've been grappling with whether or not to do this for several weeks, but any time I make the decision to go in, I suddenly feel much better and don't end up going in. Today is no exception, but I will probably make myself go anyway.

-I think I'm going to attempt to freeze some meals here in the next couple of weeks. Any suggestions for good, freezable dinners?

-I finished We Were The Mulvaneys over the weekend. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book, but not so much the end. Who wants to be an observer to a family crumbling apart? I kept expecting them to pull it together, but it just got worse and worse!

-We are out of hot chocolate, and I want some really bad.

-I am much more interested in knitting baby booties than I am in finishing either one of the baby blankets. I totally appreciate the sentiment that I should open an etsy store, but unfortunately, I'm not quite speedy enough to do that yet. Right now, if I sold them for the going rate of $10, I'd only be making like a dollar an hour!


  1. Chili freezes really well, as do homemade breads and buns.

  2. Oh yuck! I've had pneumonia before and it is NO FUN. Praying J gets better really soon and you don't get it!

    As far a freezing things, I have a easy lasagna that freezes really well and one recipe makes two. I also have a chicken enchillada recipe and hash-brown chili casserole recipe that both freeze well. Oh! And I just learned how to make a super easy, mix-and-dump chicken pot pie that would be super-easy to make and would also freeze well. Let me know if you want me to e-mail the recipes!

  3. I like to freeze soups, lasagna, turkey tetrazini casserole, pesto sauce for an easy pasta night, etc. I also freeze a lot of appetizers for last minute guests dropping by, etc. Have fun freezing, I love not having to think about dinner sometimes!

  4. Hope you guys get to feeling better! We freeze lasagna, manicotti, my mom makes us this meatball tortelli soup. She freezes chicken quesadillas and this Italian chicken thing. Since my mom doesn't live close by and can't have us over for dinner often, she makes us TONS of stuff to freeze and just pull out for dinner.

  5. Do you guys like soups? I found THE BEST broccoli-cheddar soup from It was actually better the next day, and freezes well! And, it's nice to freeze them in individual size portions for when Jon is gone, or we don't want the same thing. I'll dig up the recipe for you!

  6. I did a post on freezing a year ago:

    The girl's on the What's Cooking board always have great recs for freezer meals. I'd also go with anything that you could later just throw in the crockpot.

  7. Christ, go to the doctor, already.

    I had walking pneumonia for about a month once before California's retarded doctors got around to diagnosing it and giving me antibiotics. It was great fun. I apparently didn't have it really bad, though; after the first week of feeling like shit, I was fine, other than not being able to stop coughing.

    I too am craving hot chocolate, and yet lacking in a supply. Hmm....

  8. I freeze chili, chicken-noodle soup, meatballs and red sauce, lasagna, sheperds pie...all easy to re-heat, cook!

  9. soups, pastas such as lasange, pasta casserole, stuffed shells chicken dishes (such as chicken parm, chicken enchiladas), burritos, casseroles, meatballs and burger patties ready to be cooked, even breakfast items like waffles and pancakes are great items to freeze for later!


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