Friday, October 16, 2009

Burning Question of the Day: Think Back

This BQOTD is courtesy of Sara, one of my roommates from college that stalks the blog....

Think back 5 years ago from today. October 16, 2004. What was going on in your life? Where were you working and living? Where did you think you were going in life? Is it where you've ended up?

In October 2004, I was just entering into my 2nd month of my first year at PLU. I was very happy that I got along with my roommate Lisa and our neighbor Sara--I was just a little bit suspect about Lisa's love for Britney Spears! Going into PLU, I was essentially a vegetarian, though I'd occasionally eat non-red meat. About in October, I went out to dinner with either Lisa or Sara and accidentally ordered pasta with meat sauce instead of marinara. I was poor, and couldn't afford to waste the meal, so I ate it anyway. I was in agony all night...but I realized how tired I was of trying to make vegetarian meals in the cafeteria, and that's the story of how I came to eat red meat again!

In terms of school, I was taking all general ed classes, and for the first time in my life, I was actually having to work at them to do well. In terms of work, I think at that time I was running the photography darkroom. I didn't have a major picked out, but I was thinking about pre-law.

Justin and I had been dating for about 5 months, and I had just found out that he was not coming up for Family Weekend over Halloween, and I was a little bit crushed. Still, I was really excited to see my parents over Family Weekend and to have my sister stay with us for a night and go out on Halloween with us.

At that point, my life felt so up in the air. I had serious feelings for Justin, but I wondered whether we'd be able to make it through the whole long-distance thing. At that time, I didn't forsee myself transferring back to school in Oregon, so I was figuring we'd have four years of a long distance relationship (more if I went to law school)--could we do it?

I remember kind of feeling like I was at a crossroads--I could quit school, go home and get married, and start having babies right away like a lot of people I knew, OR I could continue in school, and become some big-shot laywer who lived alone in the city. I felt like it was option A or option B, but what I wanted was really a mix of those two lives, and I didn't know how to make it happen. I didn't know how it would all work out, but I'm glad that it all happened the way that it did, and I honestly have no regrets.


  1. Lived in an apartment with my hubby and we were both workaholics. Ah... We also had tons of money back then ;)

  2. 5 years ago, I was in my second year of college, though my first at Virginia Tech. I had already gone through one set of friends who "dumped" me because I had other friends. The remaining friends were all guys- John being one of them & we were looking at apartments for the next year.

    I was still getting over/growing from a long term (3+ years) relationship that ended the winter before. I didn't have any relationship, work, living plans- I was definitely learning how to listen to God and go with the flow- the best lesson I've had yet!

  3. I had graduated college in May of 04 so I was probably looking for a job like a crazy person. The hubs and I were dating for almost a year that month (dating anniversary is in November) and were living together in an apartment. We were both working at Dave and Buster's. That's about all I can remember!

  4. 5 years ago I was in my sophomore year at Illinois State- dating Brandon, even though we were having some ups and downs with the long distance thing. We stuck it out though and look at us now! :) I was living the dorm life with a roommate who wasn't working out, and trying to get a single. I was taking gen ed classes and trying to decide what to do with my life...

  5. 5 years ago...didn't know hubs existed, lived in SC with Emma (my pup) working for a recreation commission and in October, I was painting, painting, painting for the big Haunted Trail that probably opened this coming weekend or next! Lyr-I felt like I was rich back then too!


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