Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mary-Jane Baby Booties

I don't really think of myself as being crafty--I can't draw, I'm not good at scrapbooking, I can't make my own cute holiday cards or crafts. In high school, I taught myself how to knit, but I was essentially confined to square and rectangle items...scarves and blankets. Even then, as Lisa, Sara, and Ethan can attest, my blankets weren't really always square either. And I most certainly could NOT read a knitting pattern!

Recently, I've discovered that you can look up almost anything to do with knitting on You Tube. It makes it so much easier to understand! So, I've been branching out a little bit in terms of what I'm trying to knit. Last weekend, Justin's mom gave me a bunch of her grandmother's knitting needles, a quilted knitting needle case, and a bunch of baby yarn as a belated birthday present. I decided to try and make some baby booties. Here's the first pair that I made:

I was surprised at how simple they were, and completing them gave me the confidence to try some mary-jane style booties (pattern here). I spent a little bit of time on You Tube figuring out what the heck "ssk" and "kbf" meant, but once I did, I whipped up these puppies pretty darn quickly:

Top view:
I ended up modifying the pattern a little bit because I just could NOT figure out how to do a couple of things. But overall, I think I did pretty well! I am impressed with myself!

And's 12:45am and I'm awake. Don't ask. Sleep hasn't been returning my calls lately. I think he wants to break up with me, but I'm not letting him go without a fight!


  1. Absoultely 100% FRICKIN' ADORABLE

  2. OhMyGosh! Too cute!!!! GREAT job!!!

  3. open an etsy shop sweetheart- those are adorable!

  4. WOW! I am so impressed! I might have to commission you when I have a baby. I can't knit worth a darn (I think I'm even beyond the help YouTube), but I feel like every little one needs homemade booties.

  5. I am totally impressed - you are a talented (and crafty) lady.

  6. I love them. I'm totally impressed.

    I "can knit" but I once tried to make a potholder from a patter and it ended up looking like a triangle. Yah.... not the best knitter.

  7. WOW! too cute! I say you make a bunch and sell them! If I had a girl, I'd buy them from you! =)

  8. Those are so freaking cute! Great job!

  9. UM-MAZING! YOu are one talented woman! Can't wait to see them adorning little feet!


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