Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Photos

So, I actually had a paying photo shoot (my first with a non-friend or family member!) scheduled for this weekend. Unfortunately, she wanted outdoor family pictures in front of their trees--and it poured all weekend, so she called to cancel. I offered to come out at 3:30 one day this week once I get off work, but she said that doesn't really work with the baby's sleep schedule. The next free weekend I have is the 14th (and actually, it would really be pushing it.), and she's not sure that there will be any leaves left then. I have to say that although I was totally nervous for the shoot, I was pretty bummed when it was canceled.

Halloween has never been a good day for me--things just don't seem to work out as planned. That said, I got to take some pics of the Harvest Fest at church before we headed home to pass out candy (but sadly, we only had ONE group stop by to trick or treat!):

The day before Halloween, my dad decided to try on my brother's Halloween costume...
Halloween (14)

Payton was Sleeping Beauty.

Logan was Franklin the Turtle.
[Renee did an awesome job with the costume!]
Halloween (8)

Halloween (9)

Halloween (7)

As festive as I got this year was this flowered headband,
which I can't quite bring myself to wear on just a normal day.
Halloween (10)

Logan's not too sure he wants to participate in the spaghetti eating anymore.
Ryan's cheating--hands behind the chair, mister!
Halloween (2)

Sorry you didn't win babe, but look over here.
Why? No reason at all...
Halloween (3)

Except to give your brother the chance to shove food in your face.
Love ya!
Halloween (4)

Just playing with camera settings, but kinda liked this one :)
Halloween (5)

And no, I didn't go buy the red jacket. I know, it's a great deal. But it's also half the price of the camera lens that I'm lusting after, and I think I'd rather have that. I can continue to look schlumpy for a couple more months...


  1. Payton is such a gorgeous little girl. Looks like a successful weekend for you guys. I only put on an orange sweater - your flowered headband beats my sweater for festivity.

  2. Love the picture of your dad as Tigger! I totally LOL'd!

  3. Keep the turtle costume. Next year he can be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by adding a Orange, Red, Blue, or Purple eye sash.

  4. Love Mike's idea! Poor Justin-you two ganging up on him! What a bummer about the photo shoot but hopefully you'll get to re-schedule and it'll work out!

  5. Boo about the photo shoot not working out. :( I hope it can get rescheduled!!

  6. Lame about the photo shoot.

    That last pic looks like pics of nuclear explosions in space. Seriously.

  7. Give yourself (and little Lizard)a treat and get that GORGEOUS Red Coat!!!...
    I'm from South America and happened to find your blog a week ago....and Love it!!....


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