Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Photos and Funny

Folks, this is my younger sis Courtney. I know, we don't look anything alike, but we ARE full sisters, not step sisters or sisters by adoption (you would be surprised how often I'm asked). You also can't tell by these pictures, but she's about 5'2" while I'm about 5'10", so the height thing typically throws people even more than the different hair color.

Anyway, it was her birthday on Wednesday--she is finally 21! We went out to Applebees, which is her favorite for some reason that I will never understand. I seriously struggle to find anything to eat every time we go there, especially now, since I can't order steak the way I like it (which is seriously rare).
It had been a looooooonnnnnng day, and I was pretty jealous of the role reversal that let her have a drink while I was stuck with a measly cherry coke. But, as always with my family, there were lots of laughs, and a perverse joke or two.
My bro Kevin started us off with the laughs by trying to order his chicken fried steak "medium rare." Apparently, he thought salmonella would be a fun challenge to overcome before his playoff football game today. Look at how monstrous that chicken friend steak is!
Justin bought Court a shot. For some reason, my sis asked for a shot of Jack. Now, I can drink Jack, but it's probably the last liquor I'd ever pick to do a straight shot of unless I was really toasted already.
Court got about half of the shot down,
before saying extremely loudly....wait for it....
"I can't fit it all in my mouth!!!"
To which my brother, across the restaurant, promptly responded, "That's what she said!"

Happy 21st sis!


  1. Looks like a fun time! I don't think a shot of Jack would be my choice either.

  2. Oh 21st birthdays. They were so fun, but I remember being so grateful when my last good friend hit the milestone. Happy Birthday to your sister! (And what about the Chicken Fingers at Applebee's? I loooove those.)

  3. Wow...thanks for those stories. Gotta love family.

  4. Glad you guys had fun! We went to Applebee's a couple of weeks ago and I really couldn't find much I wanted either so I ended up just getting chicken fingers. Great? No. But they were okay :)

    LOL at Kevin, "That's what she said" :)

  5. HAHA! I can see a little resemblance in you two. It's crazy you have such a difference in height, though!


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