Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 30

Although I look stoned in this picture, I assure you, I'm not!

Well, 30 weeks already. That's crazy talk. Seriously. Especially when I think about the fact that almost every weekend between now and mid-December is booked up with stuff to do! I know that with Thanksgiving and then Christmas, these last 10 weeks are going to fly by.

The Lizard now weighs approximately 3 pounds, and I have a feeling she's in a somewhat transverse position, because I feel most movement on the sides of my tummy...AND in my ribs. It isn't too bad most of the time, except when she hits the one rib that I fractured rowing. That HURTS. I have also been having almost non-stop back spasms, which has made things a little difficult this week. There is just no comfortable position to be in.

What else...we have our childbirth class/hospital tour all weekend. I'm hoping that it's actually helpful. At least the sheet specifically says to show up in your pajamas or work-out clothes. Heck yes I will!

Speaking of comfy clothes, I picked up a pair of dress pants at Motherhood today that I actually like and are long enough (though, I'm going to see if my mom can let out the hem even further). Motherhood only carries two styles of pants in 34 inch inseam. For any other tall girls, here's a word to the wise for the future--the twill dress pants are CRAP. They fit funny, wrinkle easily, and just aren't very flattering. Today, I picked up the bi-stretch pants and they are much better, and actually feel like pajamas. I am thinking about picking up the gray pair as well. [Still, please bring back your maternity pants in extra-long length Gap! I hate being stuck in flats all the time. Plus, it makes my back spasm more!]

Not much progress in terms of the nursery, except we have a coat of primer on the dresser that used to be Justin's:

I am hoping to get the first coat of paint on tonight. I'm doing the first coat with a brush to see if we can get away with using a brush, or if we need to borrow the paint sprayer. It cracked me up to prime it, because I kept coming across all the things Justin and his sister had written on or carved into the dresser. I remember my brother carving into all the furniture, but I don't remember doing it myself!

In other news, Justin and I have started compiling a list of songs for a CD/playlist for Lizzy. We wanted to make a CD of non-kid songs that we want her to know or be sung. Some of them are just our personal favorites, some have significance in our relationship, etc. Here's some of the list so far:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow- sung by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
Love Without End, Amen- by George Strait
Que Sera, Sera- sung by Pink Martini
Gracie- by Ben Folds
Three Little Birds- by Bob Marley
Wonderwall- by Oasis
Then- by Brad Paisley
If I Had A Million Dollars- by Barenaked Ladies
Everlong (Acoustic)- by Foo Fighters
Baby Don't You Cry- Quincy Coleman
Kristine's Lullaby- Jodi Shaw

When we were talking kids songs, I was *shocked* that Justin didn't know who Raffi was! I wonder if he didn't recognize the name, but would recognize the songs?

PS- Right now, it's 4:44pm on 11/4 :) Of course, you won't see this post until tomorrow, but I thought it was fun!


  1. Wow! You look great! :-) I love the idea of the playlist, I'll have to keep that in mind! Seriously, I know I'm not the pregnant one, but it feels like just yesterday that you told us you were pregnant! haha Time sure does fly (probably faster for me than you since I'm not growing a person inside of me!) Here's to a great 10 weeks ahead! :-)

  2. If I Had a Million Dollars is a must have! I love that song! I always add hand motions when I sing it! I'm corny like that!

  3. You are looking so cute! :)

    John didn't know who Raffi was either!! I had a bunch of Raffi videos and used to watch all of the time!

  4. Ah man, Iz's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is one of the best songs ever. One love, Iz.

    OfficeMax played that Barenaked Ladies song all the time. It now inspires homicidal rage in me.

    No "Baby Beluga"? Infant cetaceans are classic. I thought our entire generation knew that song.

  5. Love the songs! Barenaked Ladies are great! Saw them in concert about 5 years, I feel old now! You're looking good too!

  6. I'm tall too - I didn't realize this was going to be a problem when I'm pregnant. Thanks for the warning!

    Although my back spasms if I'm not wearing flats...

    You look so cute!

  7. Love that shirt! It is so . . .dreamy.

  8. LOL at the caption! You look great my dear!

    Transverse is no fun!

    Nice work on the birthing class, maternity pants and nursery. Those are all big.

    Um, love the song choices!

  9. If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies = classic! I love that song!

  10. I don't know any Raffi songs either. My friend couldn't believe when we talked about that last week, coincidentally!

  11. Twill pants are the devil. :\ I bought a pair from Victoria's Secret a year or two ago, and had the same problems...annoying. :\

    You look adorable! And great mix!

  12. I love the soundtrack list you guys are putting together. It's a cool idea!


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