Friday, November 20, 2009

Burning Question of the Day: Children's Books

I think I've mentioned before that I really haven't done much shopping for Lizard thus far. I've purchased her one outfit, and some yarn to make a blanket and hat...and that's pretty much it. I don't feel super compelled to buy lots of clothes, but what I DO have the itch to buy is lots of children's books!

So today's BQOTD is: What were some of your favorite books as a kid?

I remember liking quite a few books, but my mom and dad could probably give me even more--I've loved books for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite kids books that we already own due to having nieces and nephews around are:

All images from

Now, I just need to find a way to get the record of "Teddy Bear Picnic" songs onto my iPod. I LOVE the version that Bing Crosby sung. I remember many nights of rocking Shelbers to sleep while playing that song. She loved when Justin would sing it to her!

I don't think Renee and I will ever understand the humor, but I know that one of Justin's family's favorites growing up was:

A few that I don't have yet but want to get are:


  1. My hands-down favorite book ever when I was a kid was "The Wump World" by Bill Peet (better known for "Cowardly Clyde," which was also awesome). Peaceful guinea pig-looking things have their world taken over by polluting assholes who industrialize everything and then leave. But--nature prevails and the wumps live on! Environmentalism, kids.

  2. I loved Cooty-Doo by Stephen Cosgrove. I still like it :)

  3. Curious George, If you give a moose a muffin...

  4. Goodnight Moon was a fave. All of the Bernstain Bears. And Ellie's doorstep. Oh I LOVED that book. B's favorites were the Gunnywolf and Woogie Norpal. None of the last three are currently available, I'm pretty sure.

    But, my nieces favorite book is Tails. Apparently it's a great kids book.

  5. "Caps For Sale" by Esphyr Slobodkina.

    "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs"

    Any of the Bernstein Bears books.

  6. Just last weekend, I got all of my own children's books from my mom. They are already on the shelves in the nursery now. :) My faves were the Little Golden Books!!

  7. I LOVED Pat the Bunny! I also liked the Bernstain Bears, particularly "The New Baby." Other big hits were "Here's a Ball for Baby," "Tacky the Penguin," and a book my grandparents had about a boy and his ball of string. Don't remember what that was called though!

  8. I used to love The Very hungry Catepillar!

  9. I LOVE The Giving Tree! I also like anything by Shell Silverstein. Another favorite is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I bought that one again as an adult because I loved it so much.

  10. I loved "no more Elephants" by Jerry Smath. It's no longer in production, but I was lucky enough to scory a copy off of ebay for Cameron. I also loved Danny and the Dinosaur, though I forget who wrote it!

  11. Did you ever read the Corduroy books, about the department store bear? I loved thos!

  12. I grew up on the Bearstein Bears books. My mom is a librarian so every year for Christmas, she buys me a Christmas children's book and writes a note inside and the year for my kids. I think she started it in like 2000 plus every book fair she has at school she picks up books for her unborn/unconceived grandchild.

  13. I was into The Velveteen Rabbit.

  14. Blast from the past! My favorite was definitely Pat the Bunny. My mom still buys it for every baby shower gift because I loved it so much!

  15. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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