Tuesday, November 3, 2009

5 Questions...

I'm headed off to a little all-day conference for work. I am NOT looking forward to it simply because the venue is incredibly uncomfortable normally--it's theater style seating, but the rows are so close together that my legs don't fit. I always have to put my knees up on the chair in front of me to get my legs to fit, which then means after the whole day my feet have fallen asleep. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like now that I'm rocking a nearly-30-week belly!

Anyway, I've noticed some new followers and commenters lately, so I thought it was time for a corny little "get to know you" survey--for me, AND for you. Don't worry, I'll keep this short, sweet, and hopefully fun. I'll post my answers in the post--you post yours in the comments section [LURKERS, that includes YOU!] The questions are:

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

2. What does your real name mean?

3. What tops your Christmas wish list this year?

4. If you could hire either a driver, chef, personal trainer, maid, or stylist, which would you pick and why?

5. Has the "bad economy" personally affected you? How?

Here are my answers:

1. From January-November, my favorite ice cream is rainbow sherbet. From November-December, it's Hagen Daaz Peppermint Bark.

2. Meredith means "keeper of the ocean". It's pretty fitting, because I'm really a water person.

3. Really, there isn't much on my Christmas list this year--the camera lens I keep talking about, Pioneer Woman's cookbook, and some Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash is just about it.

4. There is no doubt in my mind that I'd hire a maid. I actually like both driving and cooking, and I don't care enough about looking nice to have a stylist. And maybe if the house didn't always need cleaning, I'd actually have time to work out!

5. We haven't experienced a lay-off (knock on wood), though because Justin works in the trades, work is definitely slower than usual. However, that's honestly something we've seen for a few years now. I guess it's just making us more cautious about purchases, and selecting which things are needed expenses, and which things we just want. Though really, I think in a lot of ways, we've always been pretty frugal. We don't take big vacations, or give each other big presents for the holidays. We DO spend more on unnecessary expenses throughout the year than I'd like, but that's just always a work in progress! We will definitely be feeling the burn in January when I'm no longer working, but I think we'll be able to make it work. We just might be living a little more simply (and without all the latest DVDs and books) than we once were. But I'm not sure that's a bad thing...

Please post your answers in the comments section!


  1. 1. anything with chocolate and peanut butter...elephant tracks I think may be my favorite

    2. Chelsie means chalk landing place apparently? haha I have no idea...that's what I got when I googled. I know it's an area in London.

    3. a GPS navigator. I am so lost living here.

    4. I need a stylist. Law school is no good for me. Frizzy hair, lacks makeup routine, no idea what to wear.

    5. Bad economy hasn't really affected us because I'm a student.

    This was fun!

  2. 1. Anything with chocolate and/or peanut butter. I love the ice creams with candy/brownies/cookie dough mixed into it. I also love cake batter ice cream. I guess I just straight up love ice cream.

    2. I think it means "good listener".. that's a joke :-D

    3. Eh, I was really struggling to find stuff for my list. I put on an ipod touch thing because it would be nice for the commute on the metro. I've got the PW cookbook on my list also, along with some random stuff- books for starting my business, water glasses, herbs for the kitchen, etc. I have to come up with a list of reasonably priced things for John's family- they are big into lists.

    4. I would go for the trainer. I always WANT to work out/lose weight, but can never motivate myself to actually do it. If I had a Jillian behind me whipping my butt, I would sure do it! :)

    5. Not particularly.. John and I both have stable jobs with companies that are contracted by the government. His job is not giving raises this year, but they didn't really last year either, and it doesn't really affect us.

  3. 1. Mint Chip, hands down.

    2. Julie means youthful, which is hilarious, because lately I feel old and lame!

    3. A DSLR camera, bedroom furniture, clothes, books, kitchen stuff. I am easy to please!

    4. Definitely a personal trainer. I "forgot" how to work out after high school I think, and I could use some help getting back into shape post-baby.

    5. Not yet. I definitely am more of a coupon cutter and money saver when I need to be, and we do think twice about certain things, but we are doing OK.

  4. 1. Peanut Butter Temptation... yum!

    2. Amanda means lovely I think.

    3. A handheld vacuum and a car starter (winter is really cold here in Ontario!)

    4. I think I'd go for the personal trainer - but only because a dry cleaner/person who does laundry wasn't on your list.

    5. It hasn't really affected us yet, but I graduate with a Ph.D this summer and the job market has definitely shrunk in the past year or so.

    Good Questions!!

  5. 1. I worked as a area developer for years for a ice cream chain. I'm no longer a fan of ice cream :).

    2. It means Pure.

    3. Some new jewlery. Earrings, necklaces, etc.

    4.Definitely a maid.

    5. Yes, I was laid off in January. I wasn't able to find a job, so instead I am going back to school. Though, I think it worked out for the better. I'm actually grateful I was laid off now.

  6. 1. Elvis Pretzely from Silky's-vanilla custard, carmel, pretzels and that hard chocolate shell stuff...O.M.G!!!

    2. Alyssa means of the noble kind. I was actually named by sister (who was 8 at the time), after her best friend Alyssa.

    3. A pair of outdoor boots to keep my toes warm!!! And a new peacoat since mine got stolen on my birthday :(

    4. Could I have them all? No if I had to pick probably the maid because our house is constantly needing to be vacuumed and dusted because of the dogs!!!

    5. Yes in the sense that we are watching what we spend but it will really hit us in 2010 because my work won't be giving out merit increases, cost of living and insurance is increasing. Matt is no longer on his insurance at work any more so he's adding on to mine so I'm kinda freaking out about going from my $11/pay period insurance to more than 5x to cover him and me plus the increase in January. But it'll work out, it always does, I just have to keep reminding myself...

  7. Fun!

    1. Strawberry Cheesecake (when I'm in the mood for something "creamy") or Rainbow Sherbet (when I'm in the mood for something "refreshing").

    2. Sarah means Princess ;)

    3. A digital SLR. Windows tinted on my new ride.

    4. A maid, most definitely. That would free up SO much time!

    5. I was laid off due to the economy tanking last December, so I was affected slightly until I found a job a few weeks later (that was prior to being married & joining finances). The hubby is a firefighter, so we've actually been doing just fine. We're very blessed.

  8. Oh! Fun!

    1. It depends on my mood. Usually cherry vanilla, though! :)

    2. Justine means Justice. Which I guess is fitting because I feel called to social justice if I can't be a mommy :)

    3. A DSLR!! For Reals! Or a new mattress!

    4. Either a stylist or a personal trainer. Or both! :)

    5. Don't even get me started. No, seriously, don't get me started...

  9. 1. Anything with chocolate. Lately I have been loving chocolate cake batter at coldstone, and I'll get fudge, peanut butter, caramel and whipped cream mixed in. MMMM love it!

    2. Angela always comes out meaning angel, angelic or something of that nature.

    3. Def a GPS as I am directionally challenged. Also a new laptop and a DVR. Most likely we will be getting those after tax returns tho, not christmas! lol

    4. This was so hard to choose! I guess I would have to say maid because cleaning is def what takes up the most time! Im also a horrible cook and don't have any fashion sense, but at least I have friends who can help me there. ;)

    5. The bad economy hasn't affected us much. There's always the worry that Shane would get laid off at Deere's but he's got more seniority now. Or me working at a non-profit, there's always a chance but I also have the most time in then anyone else. Being a student helps as well.

  10. 1. Chocolate chip cookie dough or mint chocolate chip

    2. Kristal - clear, pure

    3. Nothing really. I wanted the lens for my camera, but then ended up buying it for myself. So maybe just stuff for the baby?

    4. I'm gonna go with personal trainer. As much as I'd hate it, it would get my butt to the gym regularly!

    5. Yes, some. Mostly because DH is a restaurant manager and his bonuses are based on the stores sales. The poor economy means not as many people are eating at his restaurant, so we've definitely seen a dip in income there.

  11. 1. I love cookie dough. But my favorite is frozen yogurt from Pink Berry or Yo Cream! Yummy!!

    2. Jennifer means "White Wave" or "Queen".

    3. I so badly want a nice SLR or EOS camera.

    4. Personal trainer!! I need someone to keep me in gear when it comes to working out!!

    5. We were both laid off last winter due to company down-sizing. So, yes, we were very directly affected by the economy. Such a hard time, but a great time for learning and exploring new opportunities.

  12. 1. Mint chocolate chip

    2. Ethan means "solid" in Hebrew, which is all I need to claim black heritage, and Daniel is something related to YHWH (him being "El"), but I hate the name Daniel, so I can't be bothered to know it. And Jennings is some English hogwash; I'd much rather have my mother's maiden name, Reed, and be all Oirish and such.

    3. I really want a diploma frame from PLU, and really don't want to shell out $100 for it myself. So...

    4. Damn. Chef, because I loves me some food, or trainer, because I'd love to be not quite as, ah, fat. I like driving, so that's out, and I'm pretty capable of keeping my shit clean, so no maid, and my hair is rapidly retreating anyway, so what's the point of a stylist?

    5. Pretty much devastated my mom's small business (an engineering firm). She had to lay off all of her employees, including her sister, and it more than halved my parents' income.

  13. 1. Chocolate chip cookie dough

    2. Beth = God is my Oath; Ann = Gracious, Merciful

    3. New pots and pans

    4. Maid -- I hate to clean

    5. My husband and I have both been lucky that it was affected us!

  14. 1. I always go back to Mint Chocolate Chip.

    2. My name means "bitter comfortor," so I'll comfort you, but I won't be happy to do it! I have a double name (mary-Carolyn) and I've always thought it funny that one name meaning seemed to negate the other.

    3. I *think* I want a Roomba, but its too expensive for me to commit to.

    4. I'm hair-tarded, so I desperatly need a stylist. I like to think I dress myself pretty well, but my hair needs some serious help!

    5. The economy hasn't affected us too much. Hubby is super busy at work, and I work at the church and have great job security. Basically, unless I become Buddist or decide to leave, I'll be here forever. We are watching our spending very closely, but we would be doing that bad economy or not.

  15. 1. Mint chocolate chip. But I love to add a little peanut butter to it. oh boy.

    2. Taryn comes from Tara- so it means hill of dirt. fantastic.

    3. I don't really know. Maybe some furniture for our new house?

    4. I think personal trainer. So I could get the most out of workouts. Or a maid. But you have to clean/declutter before the maid comes anyway so that always seemed like a waste.

    5. Not too much. Chris' old job had tons of layoffs- but tech companies go through those cycles regardless of the economy. I really couldn't find a job when I looked- but I also didn't try too hard . . . so I don't know if I can blame the economy (although I like to try!)

  16. 1. not sure if I can pick one....mint choc. chip, cherry cordial, Hawaiian sundae...

    2. Krista - follower of christ

    3. A new bed!! My husband and I have a full size bed and I am 5'10 and pregnant. It's not working!

    4. I feel like I can do all of those things except I am not motivated when it comes to working out. I think I will be motivated after the baby. We only have 5 weeks to get back in shape, right? Oh wait, I'm not a celebrity!

    5. Actually we lucked out. As soon as the economy took a nose dive my husband got a great job at Netflix distributing center and I was actually able to stop working. We have been VERY fortunate

  17. This is a good idea! :)

    1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Moose Tracks...and/or French Silk by Edy's...delish, AND Light. :)

    2. What does your real name mean? "garland" !?

    3. What tops your Christmas wish list this year? A new lens.

    4. If you could hire either a driver, chef, personal trainer, maid, or stylist, which would you pick and why? A maid, most likely. I don't mind doing the other things. I really don't mind cleaning, either, but there are some weekends I don't *want* to spend my free time dusting or vacuuming...I just want to relax.

    5. Has the "bad economy" personally affected you? How? It hasn't affected me too badly. Jarrod has a very secure job, obviously, and mine isn't bad. Our business has really gone down (people can't afford drugs any more), which makes for many boring days at work...but at least I still have a job, and I'm thankful for that. I guess, like you, probably just being more cautious of spending money on things I want instead of need.

  18. 1. Not so much flavor and type. I always prefer homemade ice cream. (Brain freeze!)
    2. Michael means Who is like God. Need I say more?
    3. Where the heck is my Jet pack? ( Ask Justin )
    4. Stylist. I don't know about the cat, but I hate the taste of hair on my tongue when I try to bring out the natural sheen. A stylist could bring out my natural beauty while allowing me some much needed "down time".
    5.Yes, but luckily I'm self employed, so I can tell everyone my boss is a jerk, and I am still employee of the month! (And he can't fire me!)

  19. 1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip!

    2. What does your real name mean? "Victory of the People"...so I guess I'm victorious? It makes no sense.

    3. What tops your Christmas wish list this year? A $50,000 check to pay off my student loans! I'll probably get PJs and a couple gift cards, but a girl can dream.

    4. If you could hire either a driver, chef, personal trainer, maid, or stylist, which would you pick and why? Personal Trainer fa sho! I need someone to motivate me...

    5. Has the "bad economy" personally affected you? How? This bad, terrible, no good, rotten economy has hindered my job search. Yes, I have a job (two actually!), but it doesn't pay much and it's hard to pay the bills each month. :/ Luckily, my parents have been pretty understanding and help me out with groceries and gas when I need it.


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