Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 33 ish

Seriously you guys, the hair picture totally cracks me up. Just in case you can't read the type, those arrows are pointing to a little mini mohawk of hair! I hope this little one comes out with poofy hair just like that! Anyway, since my appointment was today and I'm sure y'all are as curious to hear the story about the doctor's appointment as I am to tell it, I thought I'd go ahead and do the pregnancy post a little early, and maybe I'll post a bump shot later on.

So, we went in for the ultrasound first. The tech, Tracy, said that everything looks good--I am still measuring at about 34-35 weeks (but not far enough to change the due date), the baby is head down, looks to be about 4.38 pounds (they estimate a 7 pound baby if I go to 40 weeks) and the amniotic fluid level is at a 16 (they want between 8 and 20), and the heart rate was 138. I asked about the heart rate because it's usually in the 150's, but Tracy explained that the heart rate will vary with activity level throughout the day, and that it could be due to the fact that I usually come in at 4pm, and today I was there at 1pm....it might be the time she sleeps, or whatever. Tracy said that the baby's legs were folded and crossed, so she couldn't get a good look in between the legs to confirm the gender either way.

We then went into the room to wait for the doctor. We were talking about movement, and I made some comment about how "she likes to wiggle her toes in my ribs."
The doctor then responded, "Oh....Tracy told you it's still a girl?"
I said, "Well, no...she said that she couldn't get a good shot either way."
The doctor responded, "Hmmm...there was this one shot...well, but I'm looking at still shots and Tracy is looking at the live version. Sometimes I get shadows or odd angles that look different on my end. Tracy is the best, and she would have said something if she thought that indicated boy...so we'll probably keep things like they are and go with girl."

Now weigh in if you disagree, but to me that convo definitely indicates some uncertainty about the gender! Which honestly didn't surprise me because as most of you know, I've thought it was a boy the whole time. I still have a hard time calling him or her Elizabeth, and usually default to Lizard. Really, it's sort of funny that as much as I absolutely, 100% wanted to know what we were having, now it's sort of unknown, despite my best attempts otherwise. We won't likely have another ultrasound unless we paid for an elective one, and I'm not sure it's worth it to us to do that...plus, we're already past the optimum window for the elective u/s anyway.

I talked to my mom afterwards, and we laughed about it. My mom said she wonders if this is why she's been having such a hard time getting going working on the quilt (which is turquoise and pink). She's just felt weird about cutting into the fabric for some reason. We agreed that it might be best for her to hold off on finishing the quilt until the baby is actually born--we have plenty of other blankets that will work in the meantime! And really, most of our nursery is fairly gender netural. If the baby DOES end up being a boy, we'd basically just need to dye the slipcover for the chair, make a new bedskirt, switch out some wall art, and return the clothes. If we have another shower, hopefully everyone will be kind and bring gift receipts, lol!


  1. Hair picture = hilarious

    And I'd be dying regarding the gender!! You're taking it way better than I would, LOL.

  2. Interesting. I've heard of a lot of stories where women were told they're going to have girls then it comes out boy. I just don't believe what they say either way so that's why I don't want to find out. When my sis was prego, she was told it was a girl but she refused to get anything monogrammed until she actually held the baby. I threw her a shower and as a thank you gift, she got me a frame that just said, "Aunt Lyss and Me." The next 7 weeks will be filled with even more anticipation now!!!

  3. Wow Meredith, I would be going nuts!!! At least it will make for a suspenseful delivery day! I love the pictures of the hair!!!


  4. My coworker's son's hair grew in in a Mohawk. It was the CUTEST thing on the planet. That kid had a Mohawk for the first year of his life almost. I too would be dying to know the right gender now. I hope when my time comes that the kid is a total exhibitionist. I don't think I could handle not knowing.

  5. Ohmygosh, so funny about that hair!! I would totally be freaking out about the gender!! Haha Do you guys have a back up boys name?!

  6. In my u/s pictures the technician got her flipping us the middle finger. I made sure to include a copy of that pic in our immigration paperwork for Byron!

    Good thing my as yet unfinished present is gender neutral! Now I just hope I get it done in time.

    And be sure you give him a boy name, if it's a boy, that will let you keep Lizard for a nickname. It's too cool to lose!

  7. Very interesting. B's mom swears that she was told he was a girl, but I happen to know they weren't doing ultrasounds unless there were problems when she was pregnant, so I think it's another one of her stories to make her life sound outrageous. So I was reading this like, what? That actually happens?! I say go with girl - and if it turns out she's a he, you'll have the biggest surprise of your life in the delivery room :)

  8. I know a girl who was having a girl until her 37 week ultrasound. =)
    I can't wait for you, either way! Only 5 more weeks and that's crazy!!!

  9. I know they're expensive, and I don't know that they could tell you anything different, but what about a 4D ultrasound?


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