Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photos & Things

Today has not shaped up to be the best day. First, I woke up to discover a big crack in my laptop screen. Second, my photo shoot for today (for a darling 5 month old, which was my "exciting plan" that I didn't want to jinx) was canceled because the niƱa is sick. Sad day.

But, I'm planning to cook some soup, do a little cleaning, and relax, which should make the day better! My mom and I discovered that we were both going to make taco soup for the soup swap this weekend--so I'm trying to think of something else to make that will freeze well. I'm thinking about doing a Steak Chipotle Chili...which I haven't made before, but I keep reminding myself that I have all day, so it should be enjoyable.

I also have to think about what else I'm going to serve at the soup swap...maybe some cheesey beer bread? Not entirely sure.

Anyway...on to a few photos! I snapped these at the hospital over the weekend on the breaks for our birthing class. I wanted to test out the new lens from Sweet J. I'm still getting used to the lens and learning what works best. I can't believe the leaves are already starting to die!
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Doesn't Justin look serious in this picture? Like he's totally involved in whatever it is that he's doing? Well he is totally involved. In fact, I wasn't allowed to speak while he was working. You'll laugh when you see what he's doing though :)

See, the women in J's family are very big on having painted toenails at all times. It's very important. Only, I can't reach mine anymore, so J decided to do it for me so they wouldn't be "naked" anymore--his term, not mine.

I have to say, he did a good job!


  1. HA!!! LOVE that picture!! My mom and I are big on painted toenails too, so I can totally relate. ;)

  2. So so sweet! What a good husband! I love taco soup!!! I also love white chicken chili-if you haven't made it you should try. Stay away from Pumpkin Chili though-big thumbs down from our house on that one.

  3. Yum, I love cheesy beer bread!

    And that picture is so cute! I love that he was so into painting your toes :)

  4. A-dorable with painting your toenails!!

  5. Good man! Think he can train my hubs?

  6. My husband has done that for me to, but yours looks like he is doing a much better job! :)

  7. I am drooooooling over that lens, girl!

  8. So cute. What a great hubby and great pictures too!

  9. Oh, what a good hubby, painting your toenails! ;)

  10. Just looking at a picture of nail polish makes my sinuses ache. That stuff smells like you could fuel jet planes with it.

    More bombin pictures, as always.

    Our leaves are dead and gone by now. And by gone, I mean piled all over the place, because no one seems to rake them.

  11. Great colors in your pics. You captured them well. Lars and I have officially decided to buy a 'fancy' camera for us for Christmas. I'm stoked, and could use some advice possibly. Don't want anything tooo fancy, and want the most for the least money if you know what I mean.

  12. Can your J teach my J when we make it back home? I like having my toe nails painted too and I'm totally capable of doing it myself for the time being, but I'm sure that will change! Ha!

  13. I'm so glad you got to take some fall photos Mer! They are gorgeous. I love the succulents. Justin is too cute!


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