Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blame it on the Raaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn

There's something you should know about my sweet husband--he's a total music snob. Sometimes I get so irritated when we're in the car listening to music on the iPod, and he'll just completely skip over certain songs because he says the person sings out of tune, or doesn't have a good vocal range. Or he just doesn't like their voice--I have to give him a seriously threatening look even to keep him from skipping over classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing "Baby It's Cold Outside." He refuses to listen to entire genres, like rap. And he absolutely can't stand songs that are repetitive, so most songs on KLOVE are automatically out--you should hear him rant and rave every time he's practicing music for church on Sundays. This music snobbery is probably due to the fact that Justin's a great musician who can play a zillion different instruments, and can actually "see" the notes of a song in his head while he's listening to it--consequently, he can sometimes see a better chord progression or harmony, and it drives him nuts. But for this story, that's not important. All you need to know is that he's a big time music snob. Got it? Moving on...

Monday night, we were watching one of our favorite TV shows, Lie to Me. If you haven't seen the show, they interject real pictures of celebrities as examples when they're explaining which facial expressions are lies. On Monday's episode, they showed a picture of Milli Vanilli as an example of how people react when they realize that a long-term lie about themself has been exposed

Anyway, Justin didn't know who Milli Vanilli was, so I explained it to him, and showed him the music video for "Blame it on the Rain" on You Tube. I figured that he'd laugh, make a comment about how terrible the music was, and we'd move on. Noooooooooooo. Apparently, at work awhile ago, anytime something went wrong, they used to sing, "Blame it on Just-iiiiiinnnnnnn, YEAH YEAH." So now, he is totally fascinated. He spent 15 minutes in the middle of Lie to Me watching Blame it on the Raaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn over and over.

Then yesterday night, he spent another good 30 minutes watching more of their videos on You Tube. He has become totally obsessed with freaking Milli Vanilli. And I want to gouge out my ear drums.


  1. Funny story about "Baby It's Cold Outside." About seven different versions played at OfficeMax during Christmas, so I got to know it pretty well. And I'm quite certain that it's a soundtrack to a date rape. There's a line in there like, "Hey, what's in this drink?" Quaaludes is the answer. It sort of horrifies me that two of the greatest musicians in history played it. Damn.

    Seriously. Date rape is not holiday cheer.

  2.'ve created a monster!

  3. John is such a music snob too! I swear he and Justin would be BFF's forever and wear matching lockets that say just that. His favorite "game" is to have me try to tell him song title and artist when we're listening to the radio. He listens to a lot of classic rock and usually I'm just not in the mood when he's asking. I always have my fallback answer be Lynrd Skynrd and sometimes I try to piss him off by throwing in Elton John or something for some band he really loves. His dirty little secret - he LOVES Jewel. He will belt out a Jewel song like no one else! He's even seen her several times in concert. Yeah.


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