Tuesday, November 10, 2009


-Last night, I got to go back to the school that I graduated from, and teach a Sociology class. I actually took that very class as a Sociology Major in college, and it was that class that made me decide to enter the field that I'm currently in. It was a lot of fun, and kind of a confidence booster!

-I had a "Come to Jesus" meeting yesterday when I realized that I will technically be full term on Christmas--and that's not even considering the fact that the early ultrasounds and when I believe I ovulated, indicate that I'm a week ahead of my EDD. So really, I could be full term in just over a month. Holy COW! The good news is that after the birthing class this weekend, Justin suddenly shares my desire to get the nursery done and the house clean ASAP.

-I just realized that my husband is a stinker. He won't ever let me make anything teriyaki at home because he says that he absolutely, positively, hates teriyaki. However, I just realized that he LOVES the restaurant that we went to on Sunday night, and everything they serve is absolutely covered in teriyaki. But they put the teriyaki inside a Jack Daniel's bottle before they pour it on the grill, and I'm not sure he realizes it's teriyaki. I wonder if I tried that trick at home if he'd actually eat it!

-I am so, so happy that tomorrow is a paid holiday at my work! I have very exciting plans, but I'm not saying any more for fear of jinxing myself because everytime I've mentioned it in the past, it's fallen through.

-I also just realized that usually, when J leaves for work in the morning, I'm sleeping. By the time he gets home at night, I'm asleep again. And then I wake up and cook dinner and talk about how tired I am. J is probably giving a big eye roll inside.

-I had to change my date of resignation from Dec 31st to Jan 8th. I was going to resign at the end of Dec and then take vacation through mid-January. But apparently, if I do that, insurance won't cover me at all for the month of January. This, I don't really understand, but whatever. It was pointed out to me that really, I could still call in "sick" the first 8 days of January, and it would be a moot issue.


  1. Hope you have fun tomorrow! I'm off too but I don't have any big plans.

  2. Ohhh enjoy your holiday! It's true about insurance, you get the current month from the date of seperation from the company so it is MUCH better to leave in the beginning of January!

  3. That's awesome about teaching a Sociology class. I loved that class in college. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  4. Man I wish I had off for the holiday...if it makes you feel any better I am asleep when my love leaves for work in the morning(3:30am) and then he usually gets home after me... and I complain all the time how tired I am...oh and I am NOT 8 months pregnant!! lol.

  5. Congratulations on teaching a class- that is impressive.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. My antifascist pig university refuses to recognize Militarism Day as a valid holiday, so I have to go to class.

    (Notice the sarcasm.)

  7. Enjoy your day off! I work for the state and we don't ever get all the federal holidays that other people do. So jealous! Good idea about changing your leave date. A lot of people at my work try to work that too. If you work just one day your insurance is covered for the month. Would your work be cool with you just continuing on FMLA so you could keep your benefits longer?


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