Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grow, Baby!

Our garden is doing awesome, and I am so excited.

The orange strings show you one square foot. I put the piece of spinach inside to give you an idea of scale.

We have green little tomatoes!

Does anyone know what this is? It is EVERYWHERE. I am constantly pulling it up!

I also have some peppers growing, but unfortunately, most of them have little spots that are starting to rot: 
This happens to me every year with the peppers, and I don't know what's up. 
I am in love with sugar snap peas from the garden. They are SO SWEET!


  1. wow! that's impressive! nothing beats fresh (and free!) you definitely did gardening the right way - we always stick one veggie plant in a makeshift pot and i'm disappointed when it doesn't really grow :)

  2. Your garden looks AMAZING! I love home grown tomatoes there is nothing like it in the whole world!

  3. Beautiful garden! My neighbor has a garden that we are allowed to raid at anytime. Neither of us has a green thumb, so it's very much appreciated when we can go snip something off the plants!

    The weed you are asking about is called Purslane. It drives me CRAZY in my flower beds and I have just started to do something to research how to permanently get ride of it. My husband's uncle is a landscape architect and will be doing our lawn in the next couple of months. I want to know how to get rid of it before we have new, beautiful landscaping.

    Good luck!!!!

  4. My peppers are doing that too! I had two already that I had to toss :(

    My peas kind of shriveled up. I ate a few pods and they were delicious, but the plants never got bushy.. Now the leaves a shrively. I think maybe they need to be watered, so I've started that & am hoping that it helps!

  5. Our neighbor calls that weed Creeping Charlie - not sure if he is right or not though. He seems to get rid of it by spraying on a concoction of water, vinegar, salt, cayenne and some dish detergent. I'd be scared though that this homemade weed killer would kill some of your precious veggies though...

  6. Nice garden- looks like it's flourishing!! I've decided that I want to start a small garden next year with some tomatoes, and a few other veggies.

  7. Holy WOW! Please tell me I can steal a tomato while I'm home? ;) We were going to plant some but realized that we will be home for 1/2 of August, and someone would need to water them, and we would probably miss most of the tomatoes because August is when it finally gets warm here! :(

  8. I just had snap peas for the first time on Father's Day and they were yummy!!! You should definitely entire your nursery on "The Bump" contest-I absolutely LOVE yours!

  9. You have a Serious Garden! It's awesome. I don't grow things. If I try, they die a sad death while screaming at me from their earthy graves. Plants hate me.

    But my husband grows all kinds of awesomeness, and his peppers never have those things on them. He's a pepper and tomato rockstar, so I'll ask him about it.

  10. gorgeous! and yummy... I am hoping for room for a few garden next year. Those snap peas are so pretty...


    I so crave fresh veggies in the summer, so smart to have a garden now! It's really something I never got when I was younger and had to pick and wash salad from my parents' garden (I HATED THAT CHORE WITH A PASSION) but I really understand now... :)

  12. It looks really good! I love how tall your bed is too. My peppers got that (blossom end rot) on them last year. I doubled the amount I was watering them and it went away.


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