Tuesday, June 22, 2010


  • Have y'all seen that movie Big Fish? It's one of my favorites. There's a part in it where Ed Bloom Sr. gets into the bathtub with all his clothes on, and says to his wife, "I was drying out." That is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I love water--lakes, rivers, the ocean, and I need to get in some badly. 
  • Good news: I took my last Mini Pill on Saturday night. I weighed myself this morning, and I am down 5 pounds. I haven't done anything else differently. I am hopeful that this will make a big difference for me. I haven't seen the scale this low since I gave birth, despite working out like a crazy woman. Bad News: When I picked up my packet of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo on Saturday, I was shocked to learn that it's $50 for a one-month supply. The pharmacist told me that my insurance seems to think that there's a generic, but that it's no longer being made. Awesome. I guess that I need to call around. 
  • Our anniversary is tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to it. Justin is planning it, so I have no idea what we're doing, and I honestly wouldn't care if we went to Taco Bell. We have been in desperate need of a date night for a long time...things have just felt stagnant, and we've both been a little snippy with each other, probably because we really haven't spent any good quality time together recently.
  • Justin's birthday is on Friday, and I am SO, SO excited to give him his gift! I've been stashing away money from photo shoots and such for awhile to make it happen. 
  • I woke up this morning, and I can't turn my neck. I don't know if I pinched a nerve or what, but it is irritating. 
  • I think Lizzy is days/weeks away from crawling. She goes up on all fours, rocks, and then propels herself forward like a little rocket. She doesn't have the arm-leg coordination down yet, but I am sure that she will get there very very soon.
  • Also, I discovered over the weekend that she can totally sit up on her own, she just chooses not to. If I sit her up while she's leaning against me, and then slowly back away, she'll stay sitting up until she realizes that she's sitting up by herself. Then she'll cry and fall over. She is silly.


  1. there is def a generic for OTC Lo - in fact, it's relatively new - there used to not be one. I take it - I forget what it's called, sorry! For me, it makes me feel the same as OTC Lo, but is only $10, vs. $50 for non-generic. I get headaches, but I've had that happen on a few types I've tried, so I think it's just me...
    Hope you can find it and that you have better results with it than the mini!

  2. ugh, i am trying to figure out the bc thing too. i have to take loestrin, it's a low dose bc other make me hurl, but it was $55!! No way Jose!

    Mobile baby=a whole new world. Brady's been rocking the half crawl, half scoot for over a month now. start babyproofing now when you have the TIME! AHHH! :) lol

  3. i get mine at kroger (grocery store) but i would assume they have it other places?

  4. Have a great anniversary!

    Woot to that 5 lb weight loss...I have my 6 week check up next week and I'm hoping the weight falls off easy once I start working out :-/

  5. Is there any chance you can get your bc through Medco? I love that site since you can get 3 months supply at a time w/o having to worry about going to the pharmacy & calling in refills. They also let me know when I am due for a refill.

    I am pretty sure BC that I got at CVS was like $50/month and when I got it from Medco it went to like $60 for three months..

    There is something on the site that lets you look up the drug and find generics too.

  6. Coming out of lurkdom to say that I also just stopped the mini pill and -poof- magically losing weight again and I can even fit into my pre preg jeans for the first time in a year. That stuff sucks! Lucky for me, we're done having kids -- I hope you find a good pill that has no side effects for you. I have used Desogen and Yaz with pretty good results, but I don't even know if either are still on the market.

  7. Generic is always better! How cute that Lizzy picks and chooses when she wants to sit on her own. Can't wait to hear what you get Justin for his birthday. Happy anniversary!

  8. You lost 5 pounds just by going off the mini pill? Oh man, I might have to do something different.

    Yay for Lizzy! But baby proof while you can- or at least, get some cabinet locks handy!

  9. On the subject of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo vs the generic Tri Sprintec Lo: Yes there was/is a generic. The generic came out in July of '09 so many insurance companies stopped covering OTC Lo brand because of the cheaper generic. However, the pharmaceutical industry is always littered with law suits and this became one of them. The brand company that makes OTC Lo is suing the generic company that makes Tri Sprintec Lo for patent violation. Until this matter is settled, the generic has stopped being manufactured. HOWEVER, pharmacies who currently have the generic on their shelves are allowed to dispense it until their stock runs out and they are not able to restock it. Insurance companies are confused, as well as pharmacists, doctors, everyone really because of the brand vs generic and who has what and is it available debate! Hope this info helps!

  10. Ditto Samantha - can you mail order? My insurance uses Caremark (I used to do Medco at my last job). Also try calling Costco, their pharmacy is supposed to be cheaper than others.

  11. Big Fish is indeed wicked quality.

  12. That neck pain thing used to happen to me a lot. Sometimes, a calcium supplement will help relax the muscle and lessen the pain.

  13. What a bummer about the insurance. I hope you can find the generic.

  14. I love the movie Big Fish! I haven't seen that in forever but it's one of my favorites. So sweet. :)

  15. i was going to post this, but i see mira already did - i just went to get my OTC lo generic refill, and they said it wasn't being made anymore! i was sad, because they seriously just started making it! :( so hopefully you found a better alternative - i was stuck having to pay the $50 for regular since i didn't realize the generic was not going to be available. sorry to get your hopes up in my previous comments!


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