Monday, June 14, 2010

Who's A Pest?

 Beans, I'm not a pest.
{PS- Justin, that was just for you}

But I have pests. One variety in particular, and they are a nasty bunch. Earwigs. Last summer, I blogged about how an earwig broke our air conditioning. I know, I wouldn't have believed it either. But it happened, because earwigs are AWFUL.

We're still battling them this year, and they are seriously on my naughty list for killing all my daisies. The ONE thing that I wanted to grow this year was daisies. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Daisies are like a weed. You don't want to grow them!"  But I did. And I do. And I can't.

My parents had given me daisies to plant, and look what the earwigs did to them:

We've set lots of traps, and it seems like we catch hundreds every night, 
but there are more and more all the time!

I keep hearing that earwigs are beneficial because the eat snails, but we have snails too, so I'm not sure I'm buying that. They are disgusting, and I have a serious fear of them crawling into body orifices and laying eggs. Blech. 

I hate earwigs.


  1. We used to have earwigs ALL OVER my parents house and one time I found them in my socks. After they were already on my feet.... Gross, huh?! I hate, hate, HATE earwigs!! I think they eventually got rid of them after they had an exterminator come. Good luck! I hope you can get rid of them soon!!

  2. Borax! Use borax!

    I sprinkled it around the perimeter of the house, the mailbox, the gardens - it's incredible. Safe for people and pets and your plants, as long as you don't go too heavy with it. (My greenhouse owning dad said it's similar to some pesticides they use on flowers.) Earwigs were 90% gone in less than 3 days.

    Good luck!

  3. Ew, earwigs do NOT sound like a fun pest to have around...well, no pest is fun to have around, hence the name pest. To be honest I'm not even sure what an earwig looks like, but rest assured I'll be google-ing it now. Hope you are able to resolve the pest problem soon.

  4. I JUST SAW ONE IN MY HOUSE like 5 minutes ago! They are so gross. I have the same fear of them getting into my ears. Ugh.

  5. My on campus apartment one year was half underground (it was built into a hill) and we had tons of earwigs. I always just blamed in on living in "the cave". Those things are nasty! I hate that you have them! (I was always afraid they'd crawl into my ears at night!)

  6. I don't know what an earwig is but I picture bugs crawling out of people's ears that wear I close?

  7. Ewww!! I hate finding those bugs all over, it seems like you can never get rid of them!

  8. I hate them too with those nasty claw things...

  9. You know they don't actually lay eggs in people, right?

    Something is eating my cucumber plants' leaves. Not sure what. Soap has not deterred them.

  10. I didn't know what an earwig was so I googled. EWWWW!!!! You can keep those! Blah! Ditto Borax. It kills lots and lots of bugs. I also read while I googled them that they like damp and dead plants. I have a huge problem with rolly pollies in the garden and not watering at night (only in the morning) and keeping the dead leaves out of the garden has been helping with that problem.


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