Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Motherlode

Over the weekend, we went to a BBQ with some of Justin's family, and I decided to make some dessert bars. I thought about telling everyone that they were a secret family recipe. 'Cause it would be kind of fun to have a secret family recipe that everyone always wanted. But even if I told everyone that, I'm sure I'd end up giving them the "secret" recipe anyway....'cause I feel like recipes are for sharing. And share I will...

Let me introduce you to the "Motherlode Layered Cookie Bar" from Picky Palate. Man, I wish my layers looked as good as hers do! But mine don't, probably because I didn't follow her recipe exactly. Basically, the idea is that you take four different kinds of cookie dough, layer 'em, and bake 'em. We have a peanut allergy in the family, so I did Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, and Oreo Cookies. We had to bake ours for about 47 minutes, with foil over the pan for the last 20 minutes.

I did use refrigerated dough for two of the layers, and I found it hard to get the dough to spread over the entire 9 x 13 pan. The two other layers had the little extra melty fudge pieces, which probably contributed to the indistinguishable layers. Either way, they were good. Really good. So good that I begged Justin to take the leftovers to work, so that they would not be here to tempt me. He did not. And now the one bar that you see is all that is left.


  1. Those sound delish!!! Thanks for the idea always looking for new treats to make.

  2. That looks great! And I too want to have a secret family recipe, though I wouldn't keep the secret well.


    I think I've died and gone to heaven!

  4. I'd say the motherlode is an appropriate title! I'm always looking for new things to take to church potlucks- this one looks like it would be a hit!

  5. Commenting here because I have no feedback on carseats other than I never had one as a child. In fact, my dad brought me home hidden in his insulated vest and suprised my mom by pulling me out when we got home. Yeah. REAL SAFE!

    Anyways, this recipe looks amazing. I just don't think I could have that many cookie recipes at one time without eating them all. I fear they'd never make it to the oven. Left a response to your comment on my blog, but thought I'd add it here since this is an offically LONG COMMENT, just a smidge of sarcasm going on, but really am happy. It's crazy that some of the "crappy" jobs can be the best jobs!


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