Monday, November 7, 2011

BQOTD- Family Time

Our co-ed softball season is over now (we finished 4th this year in B minor league, which is much better than we did last year, or even Spring season in C league!). I'm a little bit sad, but also a little bit relieved--we've basically had a game every Sunday night since May. It will be nice to actually have those nights at home for awhile...because we're way too busy during the week. As it is, we usually only average one night at home during the week. The rest of the week, we're running all over the place to Bible Study, band practice, building the recording studio, photo shoots, J's men's softball league, and all kinds of other things that we find ourselves committed to. And weekends? Weekends are just busy, always, no matter what. This past Saturday was the first time we spent more than half the day at home in I-don't-know-how-long. And it was glorious.

Sometimes, I crave a slower pace. Less running. But, it's hard, because we truly feel passionate about all the activities we're involved in, and I'm not sure what could possibly be cut out. We've been talking about scheduling a designated "family night" where for the most part, we just don't do anything other than spend some time at home together. I hope we do follow through and do that--I think we all need it!

Today's BQOTD- How many nights per week, on average, do you spend at home with your family? Do you have a designated "family night" or anything like that?


  1. I was just talking about this with a friend, and their family designated Sunday as family day, where the 4 of them rotated having their day. So, first Sunday, Bob would say "i want to go hiking" so everyone went hiking, and then the next sunday it was Ella's day, so everyone watched Mary Poppins and ate grilled cheese with tomato soup. I thought that was a great way for everyone to share their interests and have a relaxing day. Personally, I'm always at home, so I value the times that I do get to go out and be busy =)

  2. We are horrible too. Out all the time. It can be so overwhelming! Generally, Monday night is our home night (during the week)...tuesday we have small group, wednesday family dinners, thursday declan has a class for church, friday is some activity normally, or we're home. Sunday is crazier than other days b/c of our commitment at church and we have meetings at night. So so much. So, we average maybe 1 night home during the WEEK..and some weekends, depending. But these days, weekends are packed too.

  3. Well, this may be different because we're 2 working parents with normal 8-5 jobs, but we're typically home the majority of evenings in the week. We have no organized activities that occur on the same day every week, so that makes it easier. Weekends we're definitely busier, usually doing something out of the house for at least part of each day.

  4. We generally have 3-4 nights a week that we are all home together. We don't necessarily plan specific family times during those nights, but we do all just hang out and chill together. We cook, play, go on walks, run around the yard...nothing big, just spend time together.

  5. We are usually home 3-4 nights a week all together... the other nights are spent fulfilling commitments, or Tyler is working. One of the two!

    On the nights that we are home we just spend it TOGETHER... we always try to be in the same room and make a conscious effort of pouring into our relationship.

  6. Josh & I don't really have a "family" yet, and between softball games and the fact that he works 24 hours on/48 hours off, we don't really have a schedule. But, unlike a lot of couples, we spend almost every waking hour together if we're not at work. Whether it's at the gym, running to the grocery store, or whatever. I'm sure one day we'll be wrapped up in kids and jobs and life, but right now, we love suffocating each other. :-)


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