Sunday, November 6, 2011

BQOTD- How Do You Want to Be Portrayed? | Fall '11 Blog Bible Study Week 8

Honestly, I'm having a hard time doing this study of Paul right now. Shortly after beginning this study, some of the moms at Mom's Group began doing Sheila Walsh's The Shelter of God's Promises (which is great, by the way!), and I joined them. It quickly became overwhelming for me to try and do the homework for both every day, but I tried to keep up with it. Often, this meant doing three or four days worth of devotionals on Friday morning and then trying to throw together a post. And those posts? Not the highest in terms of comments. I wish I could say that I didn't care in the slightest about the number of comments that I receive on posts, but the honest-to-goodness truth is that sometimes I do. I try not to. When I first decided to start this series, I prayed that I wouldn't, because it's not supposed to be about me. But sometimes I do care. This wasn't meant to be a pity party, but just to tell you that I'm human, and I struggle with this stuff sometimes, just like we all do. I'm sure that in a few months, I'll look back and see a lesson in all of this, but I'm just not there quite yet, ha!

Anyway, I picked up the Paul book this afternoon and flipped it open to where I thought I was supposed to be had I been keeping up like I was supposed to. I landed on Day 50, where Beth Moore asked the question, "What might be some parting words or themes you'd like to leave behind on those who follow you? What are the most important warnings and encouragements to pass on?"

She wasn't talking about blogging specifically, but I think it kind of relates, no? Which brings me to my Burning Question of the Day:

For those of you who blog, how do you hope that you're portraying yourself to your blog readers? Have you thought about it? Do you intentionally try to strive for something specific?

Personally, I hope that I'm portraying just what the "About Me" section on the sidebar says. I hope that I come across as someone who loves her husband, her daughter, and her family. As someone who is a mom, but more than that too. As someone who is passionate about photography, and loves spending Thursday nights curled up on the couch watching Bones. As someone who has recently re-prioritized faith in her life, and wants to learn and grow in that way. As someone who is real about her struggles (and definitely isn't perfect!), but doesn't complain too much...someone who can find the blessings and the hope. I know I don't get it right all the time, but I hope I do more often than not...

What about you?


  1. I want to be portrayed as a sold-out woman of Christ, who loves her boys and her role in this stage of life more than anything. Also, someone who can share something deep but keep it light-hearted as well. That's my goal anyway, not sure if it's what is actually portrayed. :)

  2. It would be awesome if someone could actually go around visiting blogs and give you their understanding of who you are and what you stand for based on your posts! Would be fascinating but no one has the guts to be honest, right?

    Man that would be cool.


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