Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Evolution of a Nursery

A few weeks ago, my brother was given a king sized bed, so he and my parents were getting rid of his twin mattress. Justin and I quickly nabbed it, and it's been sitting in our garage ever since. We'd been talking about when to transition Lizzy out of her crib, and onto a twin mattress on the floor (for now) but thought that maybe we'd wait until she actually climbed out. Also, we didn't really know where we'd store the crib in the meantime since we're working on cleaning out our garage and spare bedroom.

And then a week or so ago, Kaitlin called to ask if I knew anyone that they could borrow a crib from while they are staying here. And it was a no-brainer--we'd been trying to figure out when to transition Lizzy, and decided that it just made sense for us to move Lizzy and let them use her old crib.

So, over the weekend, we broke down her crib and hauled in the twin sized bed.

(For now, we just got her a set of sheets that she picked out, and she uses a spare comforter. 
Eventually, she'll get her own, I'm just waiting for a sale!)


The dresser went into the closet to allow for a little more play room, since it's a pretty small room to begin with.


So far, Lizzy has done remarkably well. It's also nice for me to be able to lay down in bed with her if she's having a rough day or night! I have to admit though--I don't usually get all sad and weepy about Lizzy growing up, but I *was* a little sad when we were taking down her crib! It was the first time I honestly found myself missing the newborn stage just a little bit.


  1. Awww!! Her room is so creative and pretty!

  2. Looks adorable! I love the blue! I'm thinking of painting KPs room blue when we transition into a big girl room too.

  3. I love the blue...also where did you get that tree? It's so neat!

  4. I just love Lizzy's room. We are also on the debate about when to put Ryann in a regular bed. I'm not sure why I didn't think about putting the mattress on the floor at first. {Palm to head} However, I'm pretty sure Ryann will never sleep if she isn't caged in. So I'm avoiding it for as long as possible! She isn't climbing out yet, but trying to climb in...

  5. Her nursery (err, big girl room) is still one of my favorites to date! I love it.

    I know, it's such a bittersweet transition when they go to a "big" bed. I don't know what we'll do when Cohen grows out of his. :(

  6. You are much braver than I. We are close - but not by my own choosing. I love her room.

  7. What a great idea to just put a mattress down---genius! I will totally try this first before we buy an actual toddler bed.

  8. I love her room! And good call by going with a twin bed. We did the same with Brayden, I think toddler beds are a waste of money. I slept in a twin until I was in high school I think! It is kind of sad when they have their own big bed, I know...


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