Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Decorating for Seasons

In the time that Justin and I have been married, I've never really decorated for seasons. Except Christmas, but even then, it's pretty much just been a Christmas tree and a miniature nativity set. For one, we just haven't ever had a mantel or any place that made sense to decorate seasonally. Second, seasonal decor was just an extra expense that we didn't need.

That said, over the weekend, we moved the buffet that matches our hutch inside from the garage. We've never had it inside before because the three different colorings of wood between the buffet, our table, and the cabinets drove me crazy. Plus, we had "inherited" the table from when Justin and his siblings were growing up, and it was already pretty big for the space. I've always hated that table even more than I hated the buffet/hutch, but Justin loves/loved it. He did agree to let me paint it, but it still didn't solve the problem of not being the right size or shape for the space. Also, the table is just starting to fall apart--the chairs are losing their support spindles, and the finish is totally worn down.

After the cabinets were painted, we talked a lot about the kitchen/dining area, and I suggested to Justin that if we had a long rectangular table, I thought the buffet would fit inside and free up some garage space for him. And then, I suggested building a farmhouse table. And after a few months, I think Justin is down for that plan, so we brought the buffet inside over the weekend.

And now, I also have the perfect spot for seasonal decor. The only problem was that we're on a tight budget (as always), and I didn't really have much in terms of a base to start from. But yesterday, I made it my mission to decorate the buffet for fall for less than $30. Here's what I came up with:


I'd still like to add something that says "Give Thanks", but haven't found quite what I'm looking for yet. It's kind of funny though--in real life, I almost feel like there's too much going on already, but it doesn't look that way in the photo at all! Anyway, I spent $5 on two yards of muslin for the runner, $5 for the blue and turquoise "bouquet", $10 for the candle holder, and $4 for spray paint to paint the wine bottles. I also made a fabric flower bouquet out of fabric that I already had.


They are so easy to make--you just cut out large circles of fabric, and then use a needle and thread to stitch all the way around the perimeter of the circle. Pull the two ends of the string together, knot, and cut the ends. And, TA-DA, you have a flat flower disc. Then, I just put some hot glue on the back of each flower disc and attached a stick to each. If you want a cleaner look, you can also hot glue buttons/pearls to the center of each flower. I think I may make it my goal to do a new fabric flower bouquet for each season.


And for the table, here's what I'm thinking, but with white benches that could be pushed underneath for more room:


  1. I love it! Especially the burlap flowers. I think it looks great. I hope you'll consider linking up to the Dare to DIY party next Monday. This is a perfect project for it.

  2. I love your table idea! As for the give thanks item... How about taking another glass jar (or two) and just painting the words on? Or maybe even putting letter stickers on multiple jars, spray painting the jars and then peeling the stickers off? Looks great!!

  3. Everything looks great! I love the fabric flowers. :)

  4. I love your decoration on a budget. :-) If you hadn't pointed out how much you spent, I would've never guessed you did it all for $30.

    And I love the table. I have a huge 6 person table (with 2 additional leafs (sp?) if needed. It's entirely to big for the 2 of us and I'd love to get rid of it for a counter height, 4 person square table with stools instead of chairs. Now... if only I could get someone to buy my current table for the same price it would cost to buy a new one.... haha.

  5. Those fabric flowers are A-DOR-ABLE! Love! So simple but SO cute!

  6. Our style is completely the same. I love the table runner, and the flowers are so easy and look so fancy!


  7. It looks GREAT Meredith! Those flowers are awesome.

  8. Ooo, love the fabric flowers! I also love your inspiration table, someday I would love to have a big one like that as well... cute cute cute!

  9. I love the colors in your home! My sewing machine is getting dusty and I need to fix that.


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