Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things Learned from Pinterest...

So, I was browsing my "House Inspiration" board on Pinterest this morning. I've been pinning things to it, but haven't actually opened it up for awhile. As soon as I did, I laughed out loud, because this is what I saw:

Are you picking up on a theme here?! And yet, my house? The walls are definitely more gray than blue...which was all the rage on The Nest when we bought our house. I didn't really know what I liked at the time in terms of style, so I just went with that, and it does look nice, but I think this color blue is a lot more "us"--or maybe I should say it's more "me", because I don't think J has particularly strong feelings about paint, other than he doesn't particularly want to spend money on it ;)

 Maybe someday!


  1. I painted our main room a light blue like these pictures this summer - I really love it!! Hopefully Justin will cave and let you do it soon :)

  2. Loving all these pictures! I was actually planning to use this color in our guest bedroom (and actually have two gallons of the paint), but never got around to it. You are convincing me. ;)

  3. It's so funny how our styles change over a few years, isn't it? I just ordered new kitchen chairs and B said "These aren't what I would normally call your style", and I was like, well, it's my style now.

    Love these images - so beautiful. And your house isn't too far off, you've got great pops of turquoise and color in there!

  4. I LOVE the blue! My bedroom in college was the teal in the first picture. So, when I bought my first home, I aimed to paint the bedroom a similar color. Except it ended up an awful dark blue grey color. I tried again last year and ended up with the opposite end of the spectrum. It's so light it's almost white. Go figure! After that I decided to paint the living area grey and go for teal accents - you can't screw it up if you don't have to paint it!

  5. I really love the family tree! What a great way to display pictures!


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