Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Over The World

I was looking at my stats this morning for who visits my blog and from where, and I was SHOCKED at all the international traffic! Obviously, I know who my Norwegian visitor is (cough, Lisa, cough), but I was surprised to also see traffic from Canada, Italy, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, France, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, and Turkey!

Some of the keywords that people have searched for that resulted them finding my blog are:
-Cake Mix and Diet Soda
-Pictures of Turquoise Nurseries
-Holy Week Explained
-Photoshop Actions
-Easter Week Explained
-Screen Shots of Buena Vida
-Tussionex Gives You Jitters

I'm kind of a nerd, but I find this stuff really interesting. PS- Since I know that someone will probably ask, I use StatCounter on my blog ;)


  1. Whoa Mere that is super cool! I have my blog on private so I don't think I get that much action hehe. I think some of the stuff I am laying out there could come back to haunt me. (Is it really on private?) Haha. At least it doesn't come up in searches on google, right? Right?!?!?!

  2. Also, how much money did that make you? ;)

  3. Isn't looking at the results kind of interesting? I get a lot of "hanging malma mirror" and "mr gallon". I don't know what Mr. Gallon is, but lots of people are misdirected to my blog because of it. LOL

  4. Your google analytics are so much cooler than mine!

  5. Looking at the search results is so much fun. One of the terms that came up as being used to find my blog one time was "my dear you need a break from studying so hard why don't you take a rest". Honestly, what is that???


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