Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lychee Fruit and Updates...

-The martini and appetizer class last night was really fun and interesting. I'm actually a pretty picky eater, but I promised myself that I would take at least one bite of everything she prepared...$55 is a lot of money...I was NOT going home hungry! I stayed true to my word, and tried quite a few things that I probably wouldn't have eaten if left to my own devices: shrimp (I've never liked seafood, and this was the only dish I didn't finish), Spicy Chinese Pizza with Cilantro (normally my nemesis, but I couldn't even taste it), Spicy Mango Mustard, Kiwi, Strawberry Ginger Soup, and Lychee Fruit (see above). I've gotta be honest, the Lychee floating in the martini looked like a mix between an oyster and a clump of phlegm, but the martini was actually quite good. It was a good reminder to be open to trying new foods--I'm discovering more and more often that I actually DO like food that I always thought I didn't cheese and grapefruit for example.

-Is it just me, or has blog-land really slowed down lately? I'm seeing far fewer posts come up on my reader lately. Maybe everyone is taking advantage of the spring weather that hasn't quite made it over to us yet!

-I really wish that I could call in sick. I have to be in court all day, but I would like nothing more than to stay at home with a heating pad, a box of Kleenex, and a bottle of Nyquil.

-We got to see Kait and Jesse yesterday! Yay! I'm so happy to see them both!


  1. mmm- that lychee fruit sounds so - appetizing! Or not.

    (P.S. Blog land seems a bit over the top for my reader- I need to cut back!)

  2. yum - that pizza and martini sound wonderful!

  3. I have been out of blog land Mere! Will be back next week! All this snow and Easter vacation means I am not inside on the computer! ;) And reading your post has just made me really HUNGRY! ;)

  4. Hi there! So sorry to hear you get migraines, too...they are a major bummer. I have found a few things that the past, I have taken the Imitrex nasal spray, but that only works when I can sit in a dark room and not do anything! I currently take Zomeg, which works, but when I'm super nauseous and can't keep a pill down...then yeah, that's how I ended up in the ER the other night!

    They gave me two shots, one of Toradol for pain, the other of phenergan, for the nausea. They definitely worked to control both...and yeah, they totally knocked me out! In the past, I've had IVs of Dilaudid and Compazine, not my faves...I think I experienced drug withdrawal symptoms from the Dilaudid and couldn't think clearly for days!!!

    Hope this helps. Migraines suck! :) Happy Friday!!!

  5. I'm glad your class went well! The food sound amazing! :)

    I can't get a handle on keeping up with posts lately, but I know it's more me than sheer increase.


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