Friday, April 17, 2009

Drinkity Drink...

So I'm curious--what are your alcoholic drinks of choice? Do y'all stick to red wine? Are you a beer person?

I often have a difficult time deciding what to order when we happen to be out at a fancy restaurant or someplace that has a bar. I like mojitos, but lately not too many places seem to be able to make them. I like Cosmos, but I always feel really cliche when I'm ordering them--I remember there was some movie I watched not too long ago where the bartender saw a group blonde girls, who weren't particularly intelligent, and bet the other bartender what they'd order--one Cosmo, one Sex On The Beach, and one Vodka Tonic...and he was right. And in my head I was thinking "Crap! No wonder people always speak to me like I'm a dumb blonde when I'm out and have a drink!" Plus, I'd just like to broaden my horizons when it comes to ordering again, what do y'all like?

PS- I'm excited for tonight--we're going out to Jesse's birthday party, which will mean quite a bit of drinking. It's a very rare occasion for us to go out and get inebriated, but I'm actually looking forward to it! Here's to hoping that the jello shots don't get me into TOO much trouble!


  1. If I'm out for a long evening of fun, I'll start out with a beer, and then move on to gin & tonic - Tanqueray please :) I hate drinking beer all evening because then I constantly have to pee and wait in lines.

    If I'm at home, DH and I like to experiment with different beers. DH is pretty much strictly a beer drinker. Sometimes I'll drink wine though, and he might have a glass. When we hang out at someone's house, we either bring our own beer or hope they've whipped up some Sangria or something :)

    Every now and then when we're out, I'll order a dirty martini...yum!

  2. I rarely order a mixed drink, but if I do, it's almost always a mojito. yum. Otherwise, it's either red wine or beer, depending on my mood and the bar. I like microbrews so if the bar has a good selection of craft beers, that's what I'm gonna order. Or course, on the flip side, if I'm at a wine bar, I'll be ordering a red wine.

  3. What drink don't I like? Lol. I love cape cods - they're basically a cosmo, but aren't so predictable and a little less Sex and the City.

    A woman I once worked for gave me great alcohol advice: she finds several go-to drinks that she likes and knows will be appropriate in various social situations. She said you should have a go-to beer, white and red wine, and one classy mixed drink. My line-up: Sunshine wheat, chardonnay, cabernet, and a Cape Cod.

  4. Hmmm... for the "go-to" drinks as the pp mentioned:

    Blue Moon for beer, cabernet for red, pinot gregio for white, and I'm lost on a classy mixed drink. :) I really love a margarita on the rocks. (What can I say, I'm a tequila girl at heart! lol) Ameretto sours or kahula on the rocks are pretty good as well.

  5. I don't really drink because I can't stand the thought of spending so much money on just a drink! haha. When I do drink though, I get a margarita on the rocks most likely. I don't like beer or wine :(

  6. We like strawberry daiquiris. So gily- so filling and so delicious! Can't even taste the alcohol.

  7. I hardly ever drink, but if I do, it's something girly. I don't like the taste of alcohol and look for things that hide it.

  8. I'm a beer person. me a good German Wheat Beer. Wines I usually do a pinot grigio or some kind of red. I don't like super dry wines so unless there's one that I recognize on the menu, I don't order it. I hardly ever drink liquor anymore but when I do it's a vodka and seven. Shots. I don't do those anymore. Things just don't get pretty with shots anymore.

  9. Oh my goodness that mojito is making me drool.


    I like Long Island Iced Teas and wine. I also love margaritas.

    Okay... I'm a drunk.

  10. I'm a white wine girl usually. But the bar we usually hit up with friends is not the type of serve wine...I know they would laugh at me if I ordered wine! I usually go with grape vodka and water with a lime in it. My friend always drinks it and I thought it sounded so nasty, but it's actually okay -- but usually by the time I order that I've had a few glasses of wine at home and really don't care what I'm drinking!

  11. As you know, I started drinking old and still haven't developed a taste for the bitter stuff. In that light, I love Malibu rum--ever had it? I like mixing it with Coke, sprite and especially pineapple juice. Pineapple juice and sprite and Malibu is also delicious. I also dig a good blended margarita but that doesn't really help if you are trying to be inconspicuous and non-stereotypical.

    Mai Tai's are also really good: light rum, dark rum, triple sec, Orgeat syrup, and some lime juice.

    I also think a tequila sunrise is pretty delicious. The easy version is tequila, OJ and grenadine syrup.

    Any of that sound good to you? I guess now it is obviously that I am a rum\tequila girl. :D


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