Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Update

-Do you ever have those moments where you meet someone that you KNOW you recognize from somewhere, but you're not sure where or why, and don't really want to spend your first few minutes knowing each other asking, "So, did you do DECA in high school? No? How about basketball? No? Did you come to Wendy's a lot? No? Hmmmm....I KNOW I know you!" (while they stare at your blankly because they have NO idea who you are). We went to the church that we've been going to for the young married's Bible study yesterday, and our friend Liz introduced us to someone named Megan, who I know that I recognize from somewhere. I asked Liz if Megan grew up around here or what her maiden name was, but Liz didn't know. After a quick call to the parents, I think I've determined that she's the eldest daughter from my basketball coach from 4th grade through high school. She was a few years ahead of me, so she probably doesn't remember me, but I remember seeing pictures of her. She had moved away to WA, but recently moved back to our end of the valley. Small world!

-There are so many projects around our house that we have almost finished, but they're not quite done. I'm starting to get really irritated by this. We can't QUITE seem to finish any of our renovation projects. For example, do we have transition strips or molding back after doing the floors? Noooooooo. Do we have a front or backyard, both of which Justin said would be "easy fixes"? Noooooooo. Well, I suppose that we do have a yard full of at least that's kind of green looking. It's frustrating because we'll finally have a day or a weekend that we could do it, and then we'll look at our bank account, and realize nope, we can't.

- My brother recently got an iTouch, so I traded his video iPod for my old car stereo. I was working with a photo iPod that didn't often actually WORK, so this was a major trade-up, even if his iPod is covered in stickers and probably has some serious water damage from snowboarding. Anyway, I was deleting the songs from his iPod that I didn't want, and I laughed out loud when I came across the ENTIRE Bangles collection on my 16 year old brother's iPod.

-Still battling some sort of cold/allergies crap. All I know is that it hurts to breathe, and that sucks. Especially since I'm due for an allergy shot today.



  1. I've had plenty of times where I know I know someone and they have no idea who I am. I tend to have a memory like an elephant and will remember random people. I've learned to really not bring it up to people because when I do realize how I know them, it can be Oh I remember, you drive the red pontiac that used to park next to the green honda in the parking lot on my walk to school...they tend to look at me like I'm a bit of a stalker, when really I just am very observant...

  2. I am still working with a photo ipod too! I remember when i got it that it had a ginormous screen and was the coolest thing ever . . . I still use it- but it is freaking huge compared to other ipods today. Someday I will upgrade. Someday.


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