Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Night.

Last night was a good night. I came home, and we made beef enchiladas--now while I may not be Betty Crocker when it comes to cooking (thought I am getting better), I was always known for my enchiladas growing up. I was commissioned many a time to prepare them in batches of 100+ for fundraisers and whatnot. That said, I had never made them for Justin until last night because I didn't think he'd like them. I doctored them a bit to fit his tastes, and after a few bites, I got a "This is GOOD!!" Score. Nothing like a good home made dinner, and nothing like preparing it together in the kitchen. Hanging out chopping veggies in the kitchen is one of my favorite things because we really talk.

Have you noticed that in general, guys seem to actually talk not when you're sitting across the table looking at each other, but when you're side by side and doing something with your hands? I have.

Then we sat down and watched a little bit of Biggest Loser before Justin had to head back to work at 9pm to finish some job once the store had closed. He'll probably have to do the same tonight as well, and then he'll be leaving to work out of town for a week on Sunday, so I've been trying to really enjoy our evenings together, and not to zone out in my own world like I do sometimes.

While J was at work, I finished a book that's been half-read for YEARS. It's called The Space Between Before and After. Although it was slow going for me at first, I really liked it toward the end, and things even felt resolved with the ending, hallelujah! And the author did something at the end of the book that I LOVED, because I often do it in my head, but had never seen an author do it--she gave a "soundtrack" for the book. Two or three songs that she thought defined each character, and songs that she listened to when she was trying to decide what that character would do. Loved it!

All in all, I think I can chalk this one up to being a good night.


  1. Yeah and you said you were boring! Pssshaw!

  2. Hello, I love enchiladas! :)

  3. I totally agree with your comment about husbands not talking to you when you are across from each other. Hilarious.

    I have never been able to master enchiladas. They always end up tasting blah. And, they really are qute a bit of work.


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