Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super Hypocondriac!

Seriously folks, I admit to being a bit of a hypocondriac. The media attention that's being given to the Swine Flu lately is NOT helping, and neither is the fact that I haven't really been feeling all that great (or sleeping well) for about 4 days. I've just had this mild nausea and feel like I have a low grade fever--it isn't terrible, and I haven't thrown up or anything, but I just don't feel 100%, you know? I'm supposed to be headed to J's band practice tonight, but I'm thinking about staying home and sleeping, or changing into sweats, going there, and sleeping--our weekend is absolutely PACKED, and I just need some recovery time! Really, REALLY tempting to take a sick day tomorrow, but I always feel like it looks too suspicious when someone takes a sick day on Friday.

I've pretty much banned the news from our house though because the more I read about Swine Flu, the more freaked out I get, and I start to feel even worse.

Anyone else a hypocondriac like me? Anybody else as tired of hearing about Swine Flu as I am?


  1. I think not listening to all the news reports is a good idea. They blow everything out of proportion!

  2. Ugh yes!! I was convinced this afternoon that my throat was sore, my head hurt, etc. It really did, but probably just because I am extra tired.

    Having to ride public transportation (in a city where there have been a couple of cases) makes me so nervous! I do SCRUB my hands everytime I go inside though.

  3. Swine flu is only a big deal because the media says it is. Oh well, at least they're not bitching about the economy anymore.

  4. Lol, I think I'm the opposite of you on this. I love to joke about the hype around pandemics (I'm sure if I get it, I won't be joking, but you know). I'm really not worried about it though, and even if I do get it, it's not like I haven't had the flu before.

  5. I've pretty much zoned out on the swine flu news, but one of my co-workers was scared that she had it. She didn't come into work on Monday because she wasn't feeling well. I say that if you're really sick you should stay home. I hate catching things from co-workers and would much rather pick up the slack from them staying home than pick up their germs while they are dragging themselves around the office!

    In any case, get well soon!

  6. count me in as someone who is over hearing about the wine flu. over it.

  7. I'm tired of hearing about the Swine flu, but I'd way rather hear about that than Octomom. =)


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