Saturday, April 11, 2009


As some of you may remember, a couple of months ago, Justin and I ran into the boy that I had the BIGGEST crush on all through high school and middle school. It was a weird blast from the past.

Today, Justin went snowboarding with a bunch of friends...he just told me that he rode all day with Matt Martin...and that he's coming over for dinner. I really hope that he's kidding. Having dinner with my biggest high school crush and my husband would be about the most awkward thing ever...I haven't seen Matt enough since high school to be back on the "just friends" level!


  1. Oh, awkward! I hope you don't have to endure that. :\

  2. weird! I hope it goes alright . . . does your husband know?

  3. hehe.... you are too cute. Your first post is adorable.

  4. I bet it was weird.

  5. Weird? Awkward? What are these people thinking! This is first and foremost a potential memory for you and me to laugh about later--material for Meredith's Tales of Awkwardness that you will surely be writing later in life, you tall, tall too-old Butterfinger-costumed child you!


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