Monday, April 20, 2009

Missing & Method

My checkbook is missing.I'm trying not to freak out, because it's probably somewhere in our house (J paid the bills this past month, and probably didn't put it back in my purse), but it's still a scary thing! I hope that I have some back up checks somewhere--I really want to go get some plants planted today, but I need to wait until I get paid...which probably won't happen until like 4pm, which wouldn't give me time to go get plants before I cook dinner for the band, and probably Justin's grandparents and the logical solution would be to go now and just write a check.

I just cleaned our wood floors with Method's Wood For Good Floor Cleaner, as recommended by Leslie

And my whole house smells fantastic! I'm really loving the almond scent. The floors look great too. This is the first time that I've used any Method Products, but I think I will have to hit up Target more often! I love that Method products are biodegradable, never tested on animals, and packaged in recycled materials.


  1. Random you get money if you click on your own ads? Or what if I click on your ads 20 times in a row?

    Hope you find your checkbook!

  2. oooo I want to try that. We have all wood floors in our apartment and I never know how to clean them. Thanks for the review!


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