Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ask Away!

I know that most of you voted that you want to see the finished nursery--and I promise that you will very soon! We're working hard to finish up some of the small (but important) details, and if all goes well, maybe I will even post a picture before the shower on the 19th.

The next highest votes came in for posts that were either "Ask Justin Anything" or "Ask Meredith Anything". And Justin totally loved answering your questions for the last "Ask Justin" post...he even recently asked when he could do another answer post. So....ask away!

Ask either of us anything...whether pregnancy, marriage, construction, turquoise paint related (or silly)...feel free. We promise to be 100% honest!

We'll work on answering your questions over the weekend for next Monday :)


  1. Did you guys have any trouble getting pregnant? What is your biggest fear/concern about being a mom? What does Justin do for you even though he absolutely doesn't like it? (i.e. shopping, painting toenails, etc...)

  2. I can't remember what all was asked last time so these might be a repeat.

    What is his version of how you two met? (I ask because my husband seems to remember a few details differently than I do!)

    What is his favorite way to spend time with you?

  3. As weird as this is...I dreamed about your nursery last night. It was gorgeous. :)

  4. Help me Justin! Over the past few months our toilets have lost their oomph. They flush, but it takes forever for the water to leave the bowl and come back, and I fear soon they won't work at all! So gross! I'm hoping you'll have some ideas or DIY advice to fix them.

    Meredith...where do you get these statistics about the baby and the odds of having illnesses or complications? They sound scary which means your hormones must be making you panic sometimes. But as a Mom I know they're addicting(I bet I could find out fast Carolina's odds of having autism or dyslexia or something). What does Justin think or say when you tell him one? Byron freaks out more than me if I bring anything up.

    And for both of you, if you could make a living wage doing anything(or nothing) you want what would it be and why?

  5. At what point did you feel your faith was the strongest.

  6. These questions are for both of you to answer about each other:
    What is your spouses most annoying habit?
    And what's one quality/attribut that makes your spouse the "better half"?


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